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  1. I wonder if Tim has anything in the game he always wanted to do but couldn't, I hope he gets a chance to change it up. I always felt Hector LeMan's introduction in the story was a little rushed... I hope he makes a proper introduction this time. GAH Can't wait! Grim Fandango is my favorite game of all time.
  2. I have not finished watching the video, I had to stop to say this The game looks amazing and beautiful! The level of polish in the sets, the lighting, the various things you guys are adding to make the scene less static are amazing, Animation looks fantastic too I don't care if I get this in 2017, take your time to make this the next best adventure game
  3. +1 I think what mostly needs to change in us, the gamer public, if we really intend to embrace the crowdfunded game market, is that we need to understand that we pay for a game that will be released months or years from the time we paid for it, and that it's a game design that will change over time. That is something that is totally different form a game developer that gets a budget upfront and releases something complete that people buy as is. This won't hurt people's view of crowdfunded games as a whole. This will teach people how crowdfunded games actually work. The documentary is an amazing part of that as well. Indeed, this issue with the budget and the game length has nothing to do with the crowd-funding platform. This happens across all media, cool things need time to get done, be it movies or games or even books. The problem is people are witnessing a game being created FROM SCRATCH. Usually, when you see a trailer from an upcoming game, you're watching it one or two years in the making. People need to be patient. We are all getting an awesome game eventually!
  4. Tim, this is amazing and extremely valuable. Character design and development is something I'm constantly studying. And your games are full of specific characters (also very specific in their visual identity and design) Which reminds me of Manny Calavera, which I consider a great three-dimensional character, and, as of late, a role model. He was stuck on Rubacava waiting for Meche, and instead of moping around and doing nothing he worked his way to the top and created a casino. He made the best out of his situation. Anyway, awesome stuff!!
  5. Loved that moment when the trailer ends, the crowd then goes nuts and Tim just smiles before cutting to black. Almost made me shed a tear...
  6. THIS IS AMAZING, LOVED THE 90,000 FRIENDS PART I shall shed a tear
  7. I'll suggest this again, use the character's names in the title: "Name of the Girl" and "Name of the Boy" and maybe something else for example: Harold & Maude When Harry met Sally Hemingway and Gellhorn Thelma & Louise Cheech & Chong Benny & Joon The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl Anthony and Cleopatra Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid The Squid and The Whale The Fox & The Hound Lady & the Tramp Bonnie & Clyde Starsky and Hutch Lilo & Stitch All those names are memorable and its all about the characters!!!
  8. I voted for Broken Age, I think its specific for both stories inside the game... Maybe add a little twist? The Age of Broken BOOM!
  9. What are the name of the characters? Maybe it could be: Her Name & His Name: A Double Fine Adventure
  10. I loved this episode so much, it gets to the stuff that I wanted to see, where things get difficult. I know this game will be amazing, I don't care if I get it next year or in 2014, as shishou once said "All arts have lenght and measure" To show my support I bought two copies of Psychonauts today, one for me even if I already have it on Xbox and one for the girlfriend. Everyone should take advantage of that awesome discount. You guys are my favorite game developers, GO DOUBLE FINE!
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