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  1. I've seen them mentioned a couple of times but I'd also like to recommend Ben there, Dan that! and Time Genltemen Please! The UI is a bit clunky but they are both still excellent adventures with some fantastic game design & brilliant dialogue.
  2. I'll have you know that I live in the Queens country dear sir/madame!
  3. Yeah, that would have made more sense! He told us C&C though here's another pic of the group...possibly with a little too much E.Honda love going on!?! Shame I haven't any from later when everyone had turned up. Think we were all pretty drunkern by then though....
  4. Not a bad attempt! You've got most of them correcT! There is indeed a second Ryu and that IS E-Honda... - The guy on the archway is one of the guys from Command & Conquer (can't remember which one) - Yeah two princess peaches - The baby in blue is the sheep in wolf's clothing. He had only just gotten back from travelling the world and had that freaky costume laying around so just wore that!?! Yeah no one did Mario or Luigi as I think EVERYONE thought there would be lots of them. Others you didn't spot include - Jet Set Radio girl (although not sure which one...) - Link (on the arch) - A poor attempt at jet set willy (far right) - Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball girls (it was cold so alas neither went with the intended bikinis....curse!) Also I don't have the pics of them but later on we had an awesome guy dressed up as a giant cardboard gameboy which was brilliant. As was a girl who came as Pikachu! There's another decent pic of some of this gang....I'll try and link it in a mo
  5. Cheers! Yeah, I went a bit overboard with creating stuff for that costume but glad people like it. I'm reeeeeeal impressed with everyones costumes on here. Great to see so much love for Double Fine
  6. As long as I looked straight ahead I was fine my eyes where EXACTLY the right place for the pinholes. Alas it did become steadily more difficult to navigate in as the drink flowed and my balance faltered!?
  7. It may be silly but at least its more convincing then both the pac man ghost and sonic costume in that picture. To be honest it was just a bit of fun, only a handful of us are really gamers and most people just dress up as it's a long running tradition of the pub crawl (getting on 6 years of fancy dress charity pub crawl fun!) The Tertris block was genius though but the way in which some of the other costumes were made might not have looked the best but were AWESOME for pure ingenuity and use of household items P.S. I was also incredibly impressed by one of the lasses who turned up as a charatcer from Jet Set Radio. Another of my favourite games. Brilliant.
  8. Here's my entry! This summer I dressed up as a certain Manny Calavera and embarked upon a pub odyssey of great drunkness. Manny and The Duke Manny getting in on a little bartending action...and Turbo Pimms! How I made it and other pics can be found over on my flickr set here - <LINK> P.S. Wasn't sure if I was supposed to post pics here or not...if not I can always change them to links
  9. It's a great idea and it's great to have daydreams like that. I especially like the idea of the flat bass speakers! I had a similar thought about pumping out the Grim Fandango soundtrack from my outfit but quickly decided it was a ridiculous idea especially as I was going to be in pubs with music for the majority of the day.
  10. Thanks everyone. I'm glad you like! It was a lot of fun once made but I won't deny that the last few days of building and sorting stuff out I was really starting to regret not making something a little easier!?! Well...I say easier...it was my own fault for trying to make the head as precise as possible
  11. It took a bit of work. I managed to grab a couple of reasonably good screengrabs from the games first cutscene and cropped and straightened each image. I then tried to grab the back of the brochure from another screentshot but that was almost impossible to get right so I just went with as best as I could (whilt not spending forever on it as the likelyhood was that no one would ever see the back!) Here's all three together. As with all the other images they are scaled down so as not to kill the forum
  12. Cheers! There were tiny holes perfectly spaced for my eyes...although this did mean I could only see directly ahead...which made travelling from pub to pub rather interesting! There was of course a hole for a straw too if I was to do it again though I'd probably use some kind of mesh for the eyes but I was worried it would spoil the look of the whoel thing.
  13. Right! Here's some costume shots and other photo fun! I forgot I hadn't finished the 2nd glove when I did my test run... Manny and the Duke Getting in on a little bartending action...and Turbo Pimms! Halfway into the pub crawl There's also a bunch of other WIP photos and pics of video game chaarcters wearing Manny's head over at the Flickr set if anyone's interested
  14. Hey all! I've lurked around these parts for quite sometime but have never really had much to say...until now! Every year for the last several years myself and some friends have organised pubcrawls back at our hometown of Dunstable in ye olde England. Over the years more and more people have started to get involved, the fancy dress has gotten crazier and the last few years we have managed to raise a nice chunk of money for charity. Where am I going with all this you wonder? Well let me continue... This year we decided to go with the theme of videogames and a pubcrawl name of boozeUP. We always get far too carried away so we even made a mini-game and instruction manuals which served as a guide to the pubs, rules and bonus drinking games(!) but what I thought might interest you guys here more is the fact that I decided to attend said pub crawl dressed as none other than that charming boney figure, Manny Calavera, after seeing some excellent outfits created by talented people online! So I set about making my outfit. I managed to pick up a 2nd hand white tuxedo, I booted up my old Grim Fandango CD and had a good ole play and then realised that Manny's head would be a lot trickier than I first realised. To cut a long story short (so I can get to some lovely pictures) I essentially had to create the head in 3D, unfold/unwrap the model so that I could re-create the texture from referance images before finally printing it all out on A4 to test that it would fold together then printing lots of sheets of A4 which spread across two sheets of A1 mounting card before cutting, stenciling etc. and finally putting it all together with a whole bunch of double sided tape and the wonderous invention that is duck tape. I also did my best to recreate the travel brochures.... Anyway...without further rambling I will attempt to post some pictures up on here...
  15. Greetings and salutations! I have lurked here for a while but finally have something to say/post over in the fan art section...but I thought it would be rude not to introduce myself first. I'm Tastycrisp and I'm senior designer for a digital agency in the UK. I like tea, cake and all things Double Fine Now excuse me whilst I go and investigate the best way of posting some pictures for all you lovely people....
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