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  1. Just finished it all, and I'm stunned. Can't wait to see where the story goes later on!
  2. Broken Age Casting

    Pretty much giggled with glee at those voices. Veritable Double Fine all stars.
  3. Ended up submitting my own one. The Parallel Lives Of 'BOY' and 'GIRL'. I dunno... I thought it sounded like a fun sci-fi special.
  4. Just how private are these things?

    I'm going to echo people and say "private, with information released by double fine as they see fit". Of course, there will be leaks at some point, but with such a large group of backers... that's sadly bound to happen.
  5. Update #6: WE DID IT!!

    Phew, finally made it into the forums! Took me a while to find my old password, been a long time since i've posted round these parts. Glad to be back.
  6. PS3 sound problems

    glad to hear its being fixed. looking forward to rocktober!
  7. EA takes on Brutal Legend. Congrats guys!

    woop woop!
  8. Ah, i understand now. EA partners sounds like a good idea, i mean, if Id dropped activision in favour of it, it's bound to be a good idea.
  9. I gotta say, this whole thing Activision is doing is completely bastsh**-bonkers! why did sierra even agree to it?!
  10. Toast Inferno

    Ah, Crust... The Old Enemy of most children's breakfasts!
  11. Everybody get random!

  12. Let's Start A List Of April Fools Day Pranks Various Web Sites Have Done. I Wanna See How Many Happened My Contribution:;title;1&om_act=convert&om_clk=topslot
  13. what should be in psychonauts 2

    Two Ideas For Minds From Me: 1. An Altzheimers Patient. Stuff Disappears V.Quickly. Maybe You Could Have To Escape From The Mind Before It Forgets Itself 2. A Composer. I Just Wanna Jump On Music Notes
  14. I Reckon there should be some references to old lucasarts games (items? lol, Fine leather jacket, +10 agility)