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  1. Awesome \m/ Can't wait for the video.
  2. I haven't played in awhile and have been a bum more than usual lately so hopefully I can get in on some silly challenge action.
  3. I bought Defense Grid on Steam and enjoy it, although once you get a feel for the game, it's basically a waiting game (but I don't mind so much since I play it casually when I want to relax and listen to music). Only other tower defense games I've played have been shitty flash-based ones on the web. I wanna try out Dungeon Defenders at some point though.
  4. Just registered an IRC channel on the Gamesurge network for all things Iron Brigade. Whether it be looking for people to play with, discussing strategies, talking about silly things you've seen, or even just general chat about stuff outside of IB. Anyway, the channel name is #ironbrigade on the server irc.gamesurge.net. If you dunno what client to use, there are quite a few IRC clients out there like mIRC, XChat, Mibbit, HydraIRC and more. It's only me in there right now, and I don't know how many of you will end up joining but I'm sure we could get 5-10 regulars in there. It'll most likely be pretty dead at first but I'm on IRC all day so atleast there'll be *someone* to talk to =P As for the rules of the channel, common sense stuff applies such as: No spamming, flaming/harassing others, etc. If I feel like you're being a nuisance to the people of the channel, I will kick you. If any of the Devs like this idea and wanna take over as the channel owner, go ahead.
  5. We're pretty silly with the text visuals on this forum Anyway, this has been pretty frustrating for me aswell. It's quite hard to gauge the range of the DG's and place them in spots that are both effective AND don't overlap others. Plus there's the whole random people upgrading DG's that you didn't want them to thing. But you can't really keep that from happening.
  6. ....Whoa. Nice find haha.
  7. The ICP on the ridge to the left of the bridge actually doesn't get in your way when you climb over to that Blue lane. As for the DG's, as far as I could tell from the range of each, they didn't overlap (I had the one closest to the Blue base fully upgraded but the one to the left of the lane only at level 1 or 2 for fear of overlapping). Not sure though since nothing got that far lol.
  8. Just thought I'd post in here with some pics of Survival Swamp ICP/DG placements that some might find handy. http://s48.photobucket.com/albums/f211/Confury/Iron Brigade/?start=all It's nearly impossible to try and describe good spots so I decided to take screenies of them during a swamp run. The DG spots near Blue might not be optimal but I think the ICP placement is solid. ICP Pics 4/5/6/7 aren't really needed, but I have them there for VD scrap drops. The Layout pics are just my sniper/MG spots (along with silly sniper placement around Blue for pics 1/2/3). I plan on doing this for Hospital/Settlement aswell. If you think some of these could be moved to a better spot or something, lemme know (along with any good spots for the other 2 maps!).
  9. Very useful info, thanks for figuring this stuff out.
  10. Its way easier to gold with one player, you have enough scrap to place an orange right off the start. A single player is able to get more quality emplacements down quicker as they are not sharing scrap. The true test is to complete the campaign with 4 players running no weapons as you only have enough scrap to place a green at the start. Have you actually gotten gold on Volcano solo while using no trench weapons? I tried for about an hour but couldn't see any way to do it. Jacobs come from both left/right spawns on Wave 3, and iirc you get JUST enough scrap to put down 2 snipers before then but I couldn't find a single good spot for those snipers to get rid of those Jacobs. The only way I was even able to beat the mission was using Smash++ legs (Tried Stun Smash legs too but they do half the damage and it's useless since Jacobs come from both directions). If you have done it, I'd like to hear how =D
  11. Well, I just got done beating all of the Earth missions with no trench weapons. I didn't do the boss fights yet, and I also got gold on every mission except Volcano. I tried 4-5 different setups but I just don't see a way to gold Volcano without using trench weapons. Silver is possible, but I haven't found a good way to deal with Jacobs on that map. As for the boss fights, I'm pretty sure they're all possible to beat using no trench weapons, but ARE impossible to gold. I tried a few different emplacements on Python but the fastest I got was ~84 seconds (Gold is 40 seconds) usinggggg Knockback Shotguns maybe? Tried SSMG's, Mortars, and the shotguns. I dunno if I'll keep trying for Volcano gold...might just move on to trying to gold/beat the Mars missions using no weapons.
  12. I've actually slowly been working on this lately. Just got a 100% run on Refinery using no weapons. Using a Selker with Pierce Snipers, Camo Shotguns, Super Shredder MG's, and Mines (although I only used the PST's and Camo-shotguns for that run). I plan on getting gold on every mission this way (every normal mission, doubt it's possible on the Mars missions).
  13. Aaaaaand done with me, Reverend, Melting Sky, and Baddest. Melting got stuck on long side and had to quit around waaaave 70? Even so, no Volt Droppers showed up afterward and we had like 1-2 Big Willies attack the base once or twice, so I'm definitely sure we would have beaten it even with 4 people (We ended Wave 100 with ~50% health).
  14. Pretty sure that's a no on both the camo sniper/MG. As for the Heavy Laser, afaik the only place to get it is Cathedral.
  15. First run after my post and I make it to 100 also =D Amazing. I didn't put any emplacements on the ridges of the bridge. After I had my main snipers down, I started going CRAZY with dampeners/MG's around the bridge conduit, putting snipers in the far back and protecting them with MG's (dampeners along the straight path to the bridge for knobs/amps to take out). There were 2-3 waves of Amps+Jakobs that took out nearly a dozen of those dampeners/MG's but as long as they stayed away from my snipers and the base, I was fine with it.
  16. I am definitely gonna try that now. Also, I always catch you just as you're getting offline > what hours are you awake? (I'm in US Central time so it's 7:07 AM right now)
  17. I have noticed that scrap seems to disappear more quickly on the new maps but I agree with OANST, that's just one of the challenges you're faced with.
  18. Tried out what you said but all I kept getting was a bunch of "Request timed out". Packets: Sent = 339, Received = 0, Lost = 339 (100% loss) You said to get the IP address of my friend's machine, meaning his 360 or just the IP of his modem (which is what both his 360 and PC are connected to). I tried both his IP address that's listed in the 360 dashboard network settings, and the IP that showed for him when he checked at http://www.whatismyip.com/, both just gave me a bunch of time outs. Oh and apparently, while we were playing, it was smooth on his end but very laggy for me (we're pretty sure he hosted the match). Can't play right now though since he already went to sleep. I'll get him to play a few more matches again tomorrow or something. EDIT: Btw, I'm sure it's obvious by this post that I'm not too knowledgeable in the computer department, but I'm getting better! =P I'm just glad you're trying to help out.
  19. Thanks guys =) Here's el video! About to add it to the playlist.
  20. WOOOOO! Just got 100% on Settlement my first try today. Rendering the video now, will upload when it's done (will take around 90 mins to render, then another hour or so to upload). I actually switched up which decoys I use during waves 8 and 14 (top decoy on 8 and bottom on 14), plus I put MG's closer to the bases this time just in case a knob got through. Will update when the video is ready!
  21. Confury


    I'm actually the same. I've been hooked on this game the moment I started playing it. Beating all the missions, then getting Gold, then 100%, then finding all of the best weapons, then hitting 50+ on Hospital, then 50+ on Swamp/Settlement, 100%'ing those missions (Well, still need to do Settlement...), then finding all the best NEW loot... I'm already aching for more haha. It's just such an addicting and fun game. Great humor, gameplay, visuals, everything.
  22. Sucks but atleast DFNathan was straightforward =D I like that.
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