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  1. Well We all know im not buying "Iron Brigade" (terrible community support) but I thought I'd drop in here and see how my European brothers were enjoying the game... Whats this? November 30th and still no game? Better yet, still no explainaton or comment form Double Fine? leopards never change their spots... Gotta hand it to Double Fine... they sure know how to rub salt into the wounds of their paying public! Bravo!!
  2. Davoren, ThunderPeel2001, it’s nice to see that not all of the members here are irrational fanboys! You’re absolutely correct a little communication goes a long way. Just look at last weeks “Double Fine Extravaganza” Double Fine knew they would be embargoing 5 of the 6 announcements but it was clearly beneath them to say something in the forum just to temper expectation. I won’t support a company that does not communicate with its community. There are plenty of companies that appreciate the people who buy their products. In a while, alligatorzzzz
  3. WOW. Double Fine, you locked my thread? crikey! It's obvious you're a fanboy but is it possible you're naive too? There is no one to blame but Double Fine for the shortfall in communication. They announce September as the release date, in this very forum, then someone form the company comes out and says “We have no idea where that came from”. Just keep your community updated. It’s not the publics fault the game was delayed. It’s so easy to do. Delays don’t matter in the great scheme of things if you keep people updated with adequate explanations. I have already stated that I will not buy this game. As others here have rightly pointed out I wouldn’t have time to play all the games I will get in the coming months so why support a developer who doesn’t give a damn? It’s just not cricket. OH BY THEY WAY. HERE IS AN ANNOUNCEMET ABOUT AN ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!!!!11 stay in school kids!
  4. You’re absolutely right. It’s terribly difficult to post an update in the official “Trenched” forum. I stand by my decision. It’s the easiest thing in the world to make brief update. If a company can’t be bothered to support its community then perhaps the community should abandon support for said company. There’s certainly no shortage of excellent games around the corner from developers who shock respect the people who pay their bills. Missing you all already… maybe not.
  5. Exactly my point. Thanks for the memories Double fine.. or lack of!
  6. I was eagerly awaiting Treched (or Iron Brigade or whatever the hell its called now) back in June. It didn't arrive for us Europeans but Doublefine did later announce a release date of September. Well it's the last Wednesday in September and guess what? Yup, no Trenched/Iron Brigade on the XBLM. The best part? Still not a word uttered by Doublefine. Well, If you can't be bothered to keep us updated then I can't be bothered to buy your game (or anyfuture games). Sure I was really looking forward to it and purchased a MS points card in anticpation, but you know what? You have lost a sale.... I will spend the points elesewhere! It was fun while it lasted, or didnt.
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