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    Brad Muir is the Project Lead of TRENCHED / IRON BRIGADE for XBLA! He was also a Designer on Brütal Legend and a Gameplay Programmer on Psychonauts.
  1. Hey guys! It's been almost 12 years and I'm sad to go. But there are times when you just have to go try your hand at something else and shake it up. Finishing MASSIVE CHALICE and having a baby at the same felt like a good breaking point, so I'm off to the Pacific Northwest to do some different stuff! ! Thanks for all of your support over the years. It was so great to know that you guys had my back when things were tough. I hope I didn't let you down! :'D! Double Fine's going to keep going strong without me though. I have no doubt! Thanks again for everything! Love, Brad!
  2. Hey everyone! I'm sorry that I've been absent on these forums during this exciting time! My wife and I had our first baby about 8 weeks ago. That's basically right when everything was happening with the MASSIVE CHALICE release! I was trying to be super present with my family so I was not around here at all. I just want to say thanks again for making this project possible. I hope that everyone is happy with the work that we did on the game. The team really did an amazing job with the resources we had at our disposal. Chad in particular went above and beyond to bring you the best game possible! To make up for my absence I will post some baby pics to this thread. Hopefully it makes up for it! ! Thank you!!! ! Brad!
  3. This is amazing! Thanks for posting it! !
  4. Thanks for all the feedback you guys! I'm on a buffing/nerfing spree right now! !
  5. We decided not to touch the fertility across difficulties. It's the same all the time.
  6. That really does help, but at least for the sagewrights guild they still have an inherent flaw in that they are less valuable the later in the game they are built. Even the first one takes a fair while to build and the time length is fixed. Almost wish that they could be discounted by spending cadence corpses. Or, fast guild construction, with a base research bonus (even with no sagewrights). 1 sagewright can be assigned to it to increase research bonus. Then, a new research opens up: Create Lead Sagewright Seat. Doing this one would create a second vacancy in the guild and you could appoint up to 2 sagewrights at a time. And then, another research after that, to get the third vacancy available. But that would probably mean changing too much stuff. Forget I mentioned anything, Brad. You're fired! !
  7. Oh one more thing! We're going to rename the difficulty modes! EASY -> NORMAL NORMAL -> HARD HARD -> BRÜTAL
  8. ok back to work fixing bugs! Looking forward to coming back to this thread later today! !
  9. Another thing I noticed from my playthrough was that Relics felt weak. They are harder to get and at lvl 1 they're really only giving you +1 to max damage and a 15% chance to crit. And now that they are harder to get and look so damn cool I feel like they should be more powerful and special. Have you guys noticed this? I don't want to overbuff them but I feel like they need to be better at lvl 1! !
  10. I was definitely feeling the pain of not being able to research ITEMS. I think that this is the drawback of only having one research pipe. It's hard to find the time to do everything, and it really just railroads you into researching only the things that you *THINK* are compulsory. The human brain is a terrifyingly nightmarish beast and when you pin it into a corner like this I feel like it tends to FREAK OUT! ! I think that some of the feelings of THE ONE TRUE BUILD ORDER for the game are overstated - it looks like there are some differing opinions amongst the hardcore players here. I think that's good! That being said I just want to be able to get more toys. I think that reducing research times on all of the cool sidegrades is a great idea. Then we'll be looking into buffing (and nerfing!) some items. Items on my nerf watchlist: STEADY HANDER VITALIBAND (These are both kind of boring wonder-solutions that you can just jam on all of your guys and be content. I would MUCH RATHER see them be crutches/solutions for NERVOUS and SICKLY heroes) Items on my buff watchlist: HEALTH VIAL - I just don't think it's doing enough! SPONGE STONE - I think the penalty is too brutal and it's not really worth it right now. It's cool if your dudes live through an onslaught but sometimes they just get one-shotted because the health penalty is so savage. XP SCARF - It's a good idea but I'm not sure what to do with this guy! PERILOUS CORE - There's hardly a reason to use this thing! It's only really useful for pure Alchemists and Trickshots that pick up the Throw/Shoot Items Skill. Then it gives you a bonus mega nuke which is kind of sweet. But man it's niche. Looking for ideas here! AGE N RAGE - I'm going to look at the numbers. It has to give a GREAT BONUS (which I think it does?) in order to be worth the drawback. I think the other ones are in pretty good shape: ULTRALIXIR DODGING STOCKINGS SKIPPING STONE HASTE HOOCH WUNDERPANTS If they were cheaper to get you could actually experiment with some of the niche items which is really good! I don't know why I've been so hesitant to reduce the times. You are limited by the number of slots you can take into battle so promoting item diversity is really great! I'll probably be looking into a 50% reduction in item costs so that you can snag a bunch of toys.
  11. Chad fixed the ZOMBIE-FROM-STAND-GROUND bug for both heroes and Advanced Twitchers. Expect to see that one in the next patch! I've got a but in there for building construction times. When you lose a building for any reason I want to knock the construction penalty down by 1. This way you can rebuild that Guild or Crucible and it's not as punishing! I agree that Slippery was giving me fits with my Hunters. I wanted the Trickshot to be more effective against the Cradles but it just wasn't because he was missing perfectly-lined-up Flask Shots against clumped Seeds. We want the Seed to feel anti-Hunter but I'm thinking that the Cradle deathsplosion of Seeds is enough to overwhelm them maybe? I'm going to run this one by the team so no promises but I think it could go a long way. The misses are just very frustrating!
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