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  1. I wonder will there be a point in time when we all look back and ask each other "What were you doing when they hit 1 million?" I imagine the responses would mostly be "Pressing 'Refresh' and giggling excitedly" (unless that was just me) ...
  2. Agreed! It made me think of Psychonauts so thought I'd share :-)
  3. Seems like HR in Microsoft played Psychonauts and took Ford Cruller's love of bacon to be a universal thing... http://gizmodo.com/5861634/microsoft-is-trying-to-poach-amazon-and-google-employees-by-giving-out-free-bacon mmmm!
  4. Thanks Brad and DF team!! Fair dues for sticking through what sounds like a tough horrible process to get Iron Brigade launched, particularly for us folks in Europe to get playing it. Really looking forward to this. I'm off to buy a functioning Xbox now :-)
  5. It would be really cool if DF record/stream the press conference, I'd love to see it rather than hearing bits of stuff from jounalists. Although I'm sure they would report everything, it may not be to the same level of detail
  6. Hmmm. I reckon that there will be new DLC for Trenched (aka Iron Brigade) announced officially off the basis of this post on the Facebook wall (Oct 05) "Our communication hasn't been great because we're SUPER BUSY working on a DLC pack that is stuffed to the gills with awesome new stuff. How do you feel about a cannon whose shell sticks around after detonation and collects Scrap for you? IT'S COMING!". With the time of year it is, I'd love some more Costume Quest. But there's also that secret game Ron Gilbert was supposed to be working on and the fervent hope that this announcement is Psychonauts 2. Very excited that we'll find out tonight!
  7. Hi Not sure if this is just my account being funny, but when I log onto the DF Store to check my order status (patiently - but excitedly - awaiting the Dolls and some stuff!) the text and background are white so I have to select all so I can see the order status? Just thought I'd mention it in case it's a bug or something. Has anyone else seen the same thing? Thanks!
  8. Hey All Sorry I havent been on the forums actively in ages, my Xbox Live gamertag is "TimSchafersHair" ! Mostly I play Left 4 Dead, Modern Warfare 2 and Brutal Legend when I get time so add me if you wanna play!
  9. I looked at names in my thesis on P-nauts. It seems the team named characters after stuff that was going on at the time. Like theres the link between Maloof and The Sopranos (New Jersey), the Maloof family (as previously mentioned), but canola oil was also in the media lots beause of an email hoax that was continually sent around saying that canola oil is linked to Mad Cow Disease. Also apologies to anyone from Ohio if this isn't true (its hard to research stuff internationally when you only have the unreliable internet as a source) but I read that Benny Fideleo is supposed to be from Parma, Ohio a city which apparently has had alot of issues in the 1970s with government and police officials (racist beliefs, misconduct etc.) which was written about lots in the late 1990s. Kinda suits him being a bully. Theres some pretty obvious links between General Patton and Oleander, the love of tanks and all. Also one of the images from Oleander's memory vault looks like the photograph Raising the Flag at Iwo Jima. I'd link the images but I don't know how to do this :-( Also fun fact, apparently Mikhail Bulgakov's play Day of the Turbins was a favourite of Josef Stalin! Claim to fame!
  10. im contemplating downloading all of the tracks mentioned here cause ill bet it makes a pretty awesome playlist...
  11. I'm holding a promo box of Brutal Legend right now and it's pretty awesome! Tis the same as this http://media.teamxbox.com/games/ss/1873/1245798087.jpg except its rated 18s and strangely has no DF symbol on the cover... I keep under my pillow and every morning i check to see if by some random chance the brutal legend fairy has filled the box with yet another awesome Double Fine game... alas not yet :-(
  12. whoooo go DF! *Goes back to tv to watch WoW pisstake episode of South Park* ah that's better!
  13. heehee.... or a sequel to Psychonauts? ;-)
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