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  1. Sorry guys, patch was techically done long ago, i made new gui patcher for it (pretty cool looking one) - but then i encountered bug in xdelta that may corrupt game files under some circumstances. So at 1st i stuck waiting for xdelta coders to fix it, then i was trying to invent workaround for this issue using extra md5 hash checking to make sure that patched files belongs to specific version of patch, and i have not finished this part and ran out of spare time. My goal was to make cumulative patch that can patch any version by ussing only diff data (for example you have 1.0 1st it applies diff between 1.0 and 1.4, then applies diff between 1.4 and 1.5 and then between 1.5 and 1.6, if you already have 1.4 it skips 1st diffs and applies 1.4-1.5 diff, then 1.5-1.6 diff), but that bug i encountered allowed xdelta to apply wrong diff from merged builds (here some details about this issue http://code.google.com/p/xdelta/issues/detail?id=36 and http://code.google.com/p/xdelta/wiki/TargetWindowChecksumMismatchExplained - to put it simple, tool applies patch 1st, checks if its correct file second, tell "opps, i started patching wrong file, sorry, your files corruptedd now" third. So it requires external checksum checking to be sure that files correct). Also it required a lot of manual per version and per file md5 hash generation and i run out of HDD space to keep all versions in different folders + plus extra space for testing how patching works per version. i can spend some time soon trying to finish this bullet proof patching, or i can release faster non cumulative patch, that needs my patch 1.5 to be installed 1st. I cant also roll out non delta version, that will include every updated file since version 1.0 to make sure that everyhing is up to date no matter what version you have, but its size would be quite big 1.5-2.5gb like a half of game size. What do you think i should better do?
  2. I still have faith that Brutal Legend PC port in works, at least at low priority, and that someday it will suddenly appear on steam, as Stacked and Costume Quest did. After all i i had faith in Duke Nukem Forever and it came out, but i hope that Brutal Legend will not have me to wait 15 years)))
  3. Lol, guys!)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) But everything is possible and Doom and Skyrim already on calculators
  4. Same problems, also achievements not reported to steam if was unlocked in offline mode. At least not all of them. Seems like they are real-time, no local cache for their stats in profile, no one-time check for all achivements during every launch of the game. Applies to every other game by Double Fine on steam.
  5. How about WP7\8 and Symbian (10) Anna\belle as well?
  6. Linux, Ubuntu, Windows, etc - all shares same principles with minor difference in ui, api and core\kernel, so everything applies to everything with some little difference. Driver upgrade and downgrade not such a big deal. You could backup current state of installation and safely try old driver you had in 12.04. At least after this you would know for sure if its driver fault or not. Keep in mind that LATEST driver not mean the best. If this will help you, you are good to play game, if it would not - just restore backup and return to latest driver. I doubt that waiting for patch of OS or Game would help you, it may not happen at all or may happen not very soon. So try something, it would not hurt :-)
  7. Did you update your video card drivers as well? As far as i can see your crash most likely related to gfx funcitons: STUBBED: fixed function pipeline? at setColorOp (/home/icculus/projects/psychonauts/Source/CommonLibs/DFGraphics/Texture.cpp:2097) STUBBED: fixed function pipeline? at setColorArg1 (/home/icculus/projects/psychonauts/Source/CommonLibs/DFGraphics/Texture.cpp:2106) STUBBED: fixed function pipeline? at setColorArg2 (/home/icculus/projects/psychonauts/Source/CommonLibs/DFGraphics/Texture.cpp:2115) STUBBED: fixed function pipeline? at setAlphaOp (/home/icculus/projects/psychonauts/Source/CommonLibs/DFGraphics/Texture.cpp:2124) STUBBED: fixed function pipeline? at setAlphaArg1 (/home/icculus/projects/psychonauts/Source/CommonLibs/DFGraphics/Texture.cpp:2133) STUBBED: fixed function pipeline? at setAlphaArg2 (/home/icculus/projects/psychonauts/Source/CommonLibs/DFGraphics/Texture.cpp:2142) Segmentation fault (core dumped) Segfault usually happens when program tries to access memory adress outside of adress space, or read only memory, or buffer overflow. Its equal to access violation errors in windows, and most occmon reason of this - damaged hardware or bad drivers (i see u have ATI - very bad drivers and CRAPLYST is theri second name, lol) and conflicting background software with, mostly hooking and protecting, such as antiviruses and firewalls, including kernel protection methods such as DEP. Definitely if game worked before on you PC its now hardware, i doubt that changes in OS was so significant to cause such incompatibility issues. So I would start from checking video drivers and reverting to older version that you used on 12.04. 2nd thing - try to turn off antiviruses, firewalls, DEP and which could prevent access to memory for some processes, also anything that have kernel-level drivers (not sure how exactly its done on Ubuntu, but logic should not be very different from other oses) could this issue, so try disabling software like this one by one. 3rd thing - if 1 and 2 would not help, then its possibly a significant change of OS that ruined compatibility, in this case you should ask for and wait for updates of OS and\or GAME.
  8. Just ignore most of what i said above: Try this PsychoGDF http://dl.dropbox.com/u/75754626/PsychoGDFinstall.rar And tell me if Psychonauts could be launched offline after this. In theory should work even on very broken windows installation, once legacy GDF replaced by external new one with same ID, legacy stops registering itself and monitoring game, so should be no Rundll32.exe endless loop at all. It works like that - detects legacy registry key, removes it, installs new GDF (added it into new launcher to keep single gdf for retail, gog, other dd and steam versions) with same id as legacy had. After this windows stops registering legacy GDF. New launcher is completely trasparent and very fast, GDF should launch it, and then it should decide how to launch Psychonauts.exe This is preview, to see how it looks https://www.dropbox.com/s/jp4mudnhffuxywa/psychonauts_game_explorer_gdf.png Usage: Unpack everything into Psychonauts folder, run PsychoGDF.bat from game folder. If you have non steam version or dont want game to be launched via Steam - just remove steam_appid.txt (i decided to use this file for identification of steam version, also as config for ID that should be passed to steam, in case if Psychonauts steam id would change for some reason, and i did it to keep universal code for some other DRM free games on steam that may require such fix. Launcher could be customized for other games with help of resource hacker fx.). In case if you want to remove installed GDF simply run bat file with /remove argument. But be aware that as soon as you launch Psychonauts.exe again after removal of my GDF, legacy GDF would hook it up and will return to that problem again. Also, if you want to install GDF launcher and cleanup unnecessary files, use /clean argument. PsychoLauncher.exe needs to be signed to function properly as GDF out of box, i fixed that temporary with registry key isSigned, but it could be reset sometimes. Thats all you should know. Rest of things could be discovered in bat code or with resource editors. Update: Rewrote code from scratch, added a lot of safety measures to avoid lame silent crashes, and added overrides via INI with customization of Exe dir, Work dir, detection of dir via registry key, which could be customized as well, also it could pass defined arguments to game or launcher (such as steam) exe. Now this launcher could be used with any game, any exe, any launcher (Origin, GameStop, GameFly version of Psychonauts? No problem!) and 100% universal. Link updated. P.S. - DF, you can adapt this launcher and GDF officially to current distribution, less work for you ;-)
  9. It seems that something is broken in your system and it doesnt act as it usually should (tell me, do you use some kind of registry cleaners? if so, than you should know that its most common reason of broken windows components, they removing necessary class id keys and that brakes a lot of system components) Lets fix it for Psychonauts and other games as well and remove traces that you left behind. Get this tool: http://technet.microsoft.com/ru-ru/sysinternals/bb896653.aspx Launch it , and then game in offline mode. Dont do anything yet! It will show you tree of processes: Find there your rundll32.exe Notice the parent process (must be explorer exe, or no parent) and child process (should be psyhonauts.exe or nothing yet). Do a screenshot of this tree to make it visible what started what. Check properties rundll32.exe Go to IMAGE tab, r do screenshot of entire tab, just resize to avoid cliping part of command line. Go to Threads tab, do the same. Go to JOBS tab, repeat procedure (also list of jobs not resizeable there so you probably got to scroll and make few shots) Go to TCP tab, repeat. Post all screenshots here. Also, removing registry keys so rude way was not the good idea, but you already done it. So next think could not work for you, but try it: First restore original Psychonauts.exe name. Try to launch game at least once after this. Get this: http://www.dropbox.com/s/47308nav3ondhno/GDFinstall.rar I uploaded GDFinstall.exe for you which i compiled a while ago from DX SDK, it have useful feature - enumerated batch unregistration of GDFs. So there is a bat file i preconfigured for you (but removed registry keys could mess this part), and you just need to run it and GDF installer will show you registered games one by one and ask if you want to delete it from game explorer, if you dont care and dont need it, you may save your time and answer YES to everything (but this will also remove default MS games, some people love it, not sure about you but be aware that there are no other links exist), or you can actually spend some time and read what written there and press yes only if you will see there REMOVE PSYCHONAUTS and other games which GDF files named as GameUXLegacyGDFs.dll and have path like Windows\System32\GameUXLegacyGDFs.dll . press yes to remove it (but as i said you already messed with registry so you could see an error or see nothing at all). To fix other games i suggest you to press YES every time u see GameUXLegacyGDFs.dll in path. Do it until window of this tool will vanish. In case if all was fine you will have not traces of Psychonauts in Game explorer. But thats only works for current user. If you have other user accounts on your windows you should repeat it again after loging int every one of them, to wipe records of game completely the proper way (however what you removed, i suppose was records for different users with names like S-1-5-21, am i right?).. Also got to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\GameUX\Games that you missed. There are ids of specific games, but Legacy games dont go there, its only for newer manually registered games. Once you done with 1st thing, you should use Start>RUN and past this %localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows\GameExplorer press enter and you are in directory where Game explorer leaves actual links and box arts and stuf for current user (needs to be repeated for every user). If you just deleted everything from game explorer you can safely remove everythin except for BOXART and RSS folders (just remove what they have inside). But you can go smarter way and manually open every folder, chech Playtask and 0 folders inside and see where they leads to, once you spot any game that doesnt work offline (including Psychonauts) remove entire parent directory with ID name. Once you done with that, got to equal folder that list games shared between all users C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Windows\GameExplorer and repeat procedure there. Now, dont try to launch game and even dont touch exe. reboot, or use Process explorer ro reload explorer.exe (or kill explorer.exe then start new process explorer.exe). Once you done with that, go to Game Explorer and see if there is no psyhonauts. Now do exactly opposite thing i told you do in previous post (check what i told you to uncheck, and uncked what i told you to check). Press ok and close it and reload explorer exe again. Now repeat what i told in previous post (Uncheck everything and check "do not update news etc"). This is needed to fix possibly incorrectly displayed settings values (u said they was unchecked, by explorer acted like they was checked). Now start the game in offline and see if that fixed everything. You see, once you will start again Psychonauts, explorer.exe wil re-register it into Game explorer. but this time it would be clear and fresh registration and if your windows is not completely screwed by registry tweaks and clean-ups, this time you have chance that il will finally start to work as it should. If it doesnt even after this. Then there are 3 more possible solutions: 1) New GDF override for Legacy GDF, that have all the meta data and cover, non legacy games dont seek for ms servers and dont run rundll32.exe so this will surelly fix the problem. But you need new Psyhonauts GDF that have same id as in legacy dll. I will make one later, have a lot of experience with game explorer (i wrote batch converter for steam url shortcuts, that coverts them all into GDF DLL files and register them in explorer and signs them with auto generated certificate, batch uninstaller included, also made steam gdf as). 2) Re-registration of game explorer system files - not sure yet what files could have lost their registration but i would try from regsvr32.exe /i GameUX.dll and regsvr32.exe /i GameUXLegacyGDFs.dll you can also try to install it by regsvr32.exe /u GameUX.dll and regsvr32.exe /u GameUXLegacyGDFs.dll 3) Re-installation of window via Update method - just run isntallation from same disk, and when it will ask you if you want to make new installation or upgrade, chose upgrade. It will save all of your program settings and files in their places and you will not need to reinstall like 95% of them, only about 5% will lose some their registry values and would need to be reinstalled, no files would be remove, so its pretty safe method, you will just have to install all windows updates again after this. Also dont forget about screenshots, they could tell more (it could be also something to do with Windows Family Safety features in game explorer, but im not sure about it) Note for Double Fine, in case if you will decide to include GDF into updates of Psychonauts to override legacy gdf you will need to know its ids, so i kindly ripped legacy GDF for you from dll: Things you need are GameId and matching install folder P.S. - I can do it for you and send to Nathan as well. Update: wrote that at early morning and was so sleepy for i forgot to press POST button. After that i spent few hours making OFFCIALLY LOOKING GDF, was hacking official launcher to make it compatible with steam version, but ended up coding a new one, also i was trying to figure out how to prevent Game explorer from adding duplicated legacy entry for Psychonauts and did it . I made script that takes care of everything, installs new GDF and prevents legacy offline mode problems + smar launcher that detects if we have steam or drm free version of game and launches it directly or via steam for achievements and cloud support. Havent yet time to pack it up nicely into fully automated installer, like i usually do, bcoz i encountered problems with Wow6432node registry visualization. My 32 bit wrapper just cant yet access registry hive outside of Wow6432node, so for now it just a bat file.
  10. Cool for you then)) I wonder, why linux version tied up to steam? Justin, you can do actually the way like ID did in old good days - they sold windows version, but published linux binaries later on their site. So anyone who have windows version could just put linux binaries in folder and play it. Why dont you do it same way while there is no linux steam? People still need to buy game on steam or retail but can actually copy it to linux and play with binaries on linux. Without assets binaries useless anyway.
  11. Holy makaroni, so many Russians in thread, so much of drama here. Guys you got to grow up and stop being so selfish and so angry, you have shared goal, so you just have to cooperate! I feel ashamed because of Russians like you, not only because i am surrounded by selfish angry people like you everyday in Russia, but also because surroundings like this have some impact on me, and i feel that sometimes i may look almost like you to non Russian people. And i dont want to look and be like one of you, its such shame to me... Прекращайте разборки кто у кого перевод двух слов украл, прекращайте зажимать утилиты как жлобы, не начинайте делать переводы если кто-то уже почти закончил, помогайте ему своими утилитами или переводом частей, которые он еще не успел перевести, только не будьте типичным эгоистичными озлобленными русскими! :-(
  12. Hey, Voodooman. Good to see you here. We actually already use github for Moai (the engine for DFA). If we were to open source Pnauts, GitHub is almost certainly the source control platform we'd use. There's still time required for someone to look at the various pull requests, decide what to merge, make new Linux builds, etc, but it is a great foundation for sure. Thanks) I was here since 1st steam update ;-D Development of linux port for future steam linux release would be quite easy with open source community contribution. I hope that some people would do thing like people did with doom, quake and other open source games - improve graphics and sound, add cool new features. Btw do you have any plans to release editing tools you used fro psychonauts so people can mod and create new levels, scripts models and even make new custom stories? Would be nice to have that with steam workshop support for mod paks, this will give game big boost of sales and entire new life! With mod tools that allows to make levels and edit scripts, and with sourcecodes available i expect someone could do PsychoMatch (Psychonauts DM) - where all of Psychonauts characters fighting each other with various psy powers in VS, competitive or coop modes (Like racing level, just image that they was controlable by people an they need come to finish first, fight each other and collect items in same time. That would be real fun!
  13. What about LucasArts remaing devs? Why do you care only for games and not for people who made them? Its sad to hear that Disney going to force them to make smartphone games and social networks games. People who made recent remakes of Money Island dilogy and Star Wars the force unleashed - deserve more than this. I so hopped to see remakes of of MI3 and more, full throttle and Grim Fandango HD. And i doubt disney would give these titles away, they more likely turn them into smartphone exclusive or will set a high price. I wish that people from LucasArts could move to Double Fine and Telltale games with old titles.
  14. Sauron's eye has an eye on us ? ;-D Eye got it!))
  15. Jayp. I did. Thats why i suggested you to change GAMECUBE (NOT NES, OR PS) controller to something else, instead of messing with such an unsuitable gamepad. And it was only part of my post, rest of it was correction of your GAMECUBE controller config so you can actually see gamepad buttons instead of keyboard... but you gone all Kotick for no reason.
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