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  1. In the boot puzzle, the picture of Shay with the snake has a "7" on the boot. I assume that means his boot size at that time was 7. If you fail to guess the correct answer for the puzzle several times, Vella draws up a chart for you to fill up like a Logic Puzzle. The chart doesn't have a size 7. Does this accidentally mislead the player, or am I missing something?
  2. Hey everyone, I have been asked to post this, in case it interests anyone. Back in 2004, I was interested in contributing to the open-source implementation of the Grim Fandango engine, now known as Residual. I found that several things haven't been implemented yet, namely drawing text with the game's font (for subtitles), and lip-syncing. They seemed like simple tasks - ones that don't require extensive knowledge of reverse-engineering, and pretty self-contained. Here are some screenshots I took during development, with some commentary. Most speech audio files in the game have a similarly-named file with the lip-syncing information. The files were generated using software called Microsoft Speech. It assigns special mouth movements (called "phonemes") to different times. Each character model has several images for each mouth movements. I had to figure out how the mouth movements in the lip-sync file match the images in the game, and the following picture show the match between the two. This is a test I made to see if I could decode the font files correctly. I printed each "pixel" as a # character to a text console instead of to the screen, and compared the distances between letters to the original game. I didn't get it quite right, but it was fixed later by other, more talented, developers This is a test picture I took for someone in the development chat room. It compares the original game, to several rendering modes in Residual: And for fun, here's an image gallery of the Hebrew manual for Grim Fandango
  3. Hey, A bug report / observation: The Remastered edition seems to add shadows to some elements that didn't have shadows in the original game, and this causes some clashes with the environment that doesn't have shadows. For example, this screenshot from GOG.com shows a shadow of a floating bottle, which the did not have.You can also see Manny's shadow showing on the floor behind the desk. IIRC, the shadow was shorter in the original.
  4. Some screenshots of the few seconds after the conversation is one: Immediately after conversation is done: http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/3334089288291861308/82413755DFD9F554480304D1AF8CBAFC7675AC47/ A few seconds of inactivity later: http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/3334089288291864590/C8A9E8123B7D660745653F6CAD05E2F35D279D3A/ I reported a duplicate here: https://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/12756/
  5. When Shay gets the whipped cream gun and says these lines, his mouth doesn't move: IAOBJT003SBOY It's a whipped cream gun! IAOBJT004SBOY And it's MINE! Screenshot: http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/3334089288292587617/644B618F96D07019370FCE2E256C0E20C057F722/
  6. When adding stitches to the NavScarf, whenever Shay speaks and has subtitles on the right of the screen, there is a possibility that the Weaver's subtitles will appear in the same position. Example screenshot: http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/3334089288292388072/5DA0E13FCF9BA07E29D27E12898378AC70DBFAEC/ I think these are all the offending subtitles: NRHKNS001SBOY Let me just make one small change here NRHKNS002SBOY I think it would look better this way. NRHKNS003SBOY Just a quick fix NRHKNS004SBOY Slight alteration here NRHKNS005SBOY Big improvement! NRHKNS006SBOY I'm sure what he meant here was this! NRHKNS007SBOY I don't think anyone would mind this Also note that some of the subtitles don't end with punctuation
  7. If the voice actor for Shay's knife has some lines to record, is it possible for it to say something when Shay uses the knife to cut the space suit's cable? I expected it to have a funny response, but nothing happened
  8. 1) Get the pink shoes from the sacrificial maiden in the cloud colony. 2) Give the knife to Car'l. 3) Vella will try on the new, large, shoes. In this animation she appears barefoot, although she had the pink bird shoes on when starting the conversation. 4) When the cutscene ends and you gain control back, Vella appears without shoes. 5) If you wait a few seconds, the pink shoes suddenly appear. Screenshot of step 4: http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/3334089288291861308/82413755DFD9F554480304D1AF8CBAFC7675AC47/ Screenshot of step 5: http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/3334089288291864590/C8A9E8123B7D660745653F6CAD05E2F35D279D3A/
  9. When Car'l loses her knife, her face is sad when choosing conversation options, but when talking to her she seems cheery. Perhaps she shouldn't have a sad face?
  10. When talking to Walt'r and Ch't, the smoke/vapor from the fountain seems to flicker with dark spots every few seconds. Specs: Ubuntu Linux GeForce GTX 550 Ti
  11. When Walt'r tells Ch't that "loose beaks cause leaks", Ch't body and expression seems frozen looking forward instead of being animated and looking at Walt'r. Screenshot: http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/3334089288291646501/71586825D67D1EE76F626B9921B492670A1B8A58/
  12. During the Maidens Feast, when Mog Chothra shows up, some of the audio is a bit too low to clearly, both of Vella and the other girls. A good example is when Vella says: MF2END001GIRL "Can I borrow that bottle one more time?"
  13. In the maidens feast, after Mog Chothra shows up and Vella talks to the purple-dressed girl asking her "Why don't you want this corset?", this state occurs: You get back control of Vella, but she is facing to the right (towards the girl she talked to), instead of with her back to the camera, as she always has during that scene when you have control. This causes several odd things. For example, when clicking at Mog Chothra, she shouts at it, but still looks to the right. Screenshot: http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3334089288291380598/9CC2B92E9F00DE0A73BADDB6CCCB404ADF2E3E05/ You can also look at the green cake to the left, to which Vella will respond "Nothing left but crumbs [..]", but she will still face the right.
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