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  1. You must be every director's dream come true, then. And every writers worst nightmare.
  2. More Brutal Legend. Can't seem to get that "Painkiller" achievement.
  3. I've currently been watching Afro Samurai. Ron Pearlman does an amazing job playing Justice.
  4. I used to just show-up occasionally, but I'm trying to be more active.
  5. This is looking like an homage to the old Wacky Races cartoon. I'm all for it!
  6. I was hoping for some more Rob Zombie songs. Dragula would have been a really fun song to listen to while driving the Deuce.
  7. HatefulCactus


    Of course. In a heavy metal world filled with goth zombies and S&M addicted monsters. You must always have a professional attitude.
  8. I still watch it. Along with The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and several other Halloween cartoons.
  9. If your only gonna be there on Friday. I recommend going to the Lemon Demon concert.
  10. I didn't know about Lita Ford when I first played the game. "Betrayal" is now one of my top favorite songs of this game.
  11. It'd also be jacked up if his ashes were poured into his 360/PS3. Causing the console to be possessed by his ghost.
  12. Well as long as you don't ask her out on a date. You should do alright.
  13. Go for it, dude! Chances like this don't come around often. Oh, and tell her I said hi.
  14. Ask yourself this. Is it better for a girl to go trick r' treating as Raz or Eddie Riggs? Both are bizarre, but many would prefer the former.
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