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  1. The extra .02 GB is probably from said libraries.
  2. It's not that there are two in my Time Machine backups, it's that there's two on my hard drive: one the app, the other an older(?) app renamed and with the ".app" stripped so it acts like a folder on OS X. Both are in the Psychonauts Steam folder.
  3. Originally discussed on Steam's Psychonauts forum: I noticed, when looking at my Time Machine backups on OS X, that Steam installs two "copies" of Psychonauts: one is a proper application bundle, the other is a folder named "Psychonauts.app - Copy". Both are the same size, and thus Psychonauts is taking up double the space. The only difference is the line endings of a few text files and a few different libraries between the two. Otherwise, the files are the same. Any comment on this issue?
  4. Is there any plans on making it so that the game goes to the background when command and tab are pressed together on the Mac port.
  5. For me, only a select few apps are 32-bit only, and a few of them are 64-bit only. Although I think the only closed-source game that is 64-bit is Pathways Into Darkness. I am worried that Apple will drop the 32-bit runtime on OS X.
  6. Are there any plans on making Stacking (or any other Double-Fine game) 64-bit? I know BrĂ¼tal Legend will have issues with the Bink Library dependency, but what about the other games? I have a feeling that Apple will drop 32-bit support in the future, and I would still like to play your games.
  7. The first graphical glitch I encountered was at the train station, in regards to wood. That whole hall has graphical glitches for me. Running 10.8.3 on a 2011 Mac mini with Radeon 6630m graphics. As to the rest of you: are there graphical glitches in Mountain Lion?
  8. Hey, Madd the Sane. Please report these issues to support.humblebundle.com, too. They are handling the Mac and Linux builds for Pnauts, at least until the end of the Bundle. The audio issues are known. Some macs have it worse than others. It's a high pri fix, but plz chime in to HiB support as it'll help ensure they get fixed quickly The controller thing is actually news to me. They should work for sure, though. I'll have our QA here verify or at least dig in a bit, but regardless it's another HiB support item. Will do, and done
  9. Further testing seems to indicate that the Mac HiB build doesn't support controllers: When I press a button on the controller in the assign actions menu, nothing happens. When I move the analog sticks, nothing happens. Also, there seems to be a lack of music, despite the volume for it being turned to the max.
  10. Sorry, I thought I clarified that I was talking about the HiB version. I didn't. I've played the Steam version with controllers just fine, but the HiB is having issues. I'll look into it more. As for OpenAL: I tried to use OS X's built-in version, but sounds were short and the console barfed up a lot of OpenAL warnings. This could be due to the fact that the OpenAL used by OS X is slightly out-of-date and missing a few features.
  11. One question: Why did you decide to bundle your own version of OpenAL on the Mac port? Was it a technical reason? Also, are controllers supported on the Mac side? I tried to use a controller, but Psychonauts wouldn't register any input from it.
  12. Oh, no I thank you for your frankness, a wishy washy answer would have instilled me with some false hope and just had me putting off playing the game. Now I'll look into getting a PS3 controller to play the game with instead. Last question, does Pnauts on Mac using a PS3 controller support rumble? or rumble in general? Rumble support on the Mac is lacking. There used to be a driver for Logitech Rumblepads, but they were removed in Lion, most likely because they were only 32-bit. There was even a driver for MacAlley controllers (I think...), but those were even worse maintained: PowerPC only. The only Force Feedback drivers that I know of for the Mac that are maintained are for the XBox controllers. You would have to look for the DualShock 3 drivers, if there is one. The framework is there, the drivers aren't, however.Also, Wine doesn't support Mac Force Feedback, so I doubt the Cider wrapper that Psychonauts uses supports it either.
  13. It's true that running DOSBox under PowerPC will hurt performance because it's emulating a CPU. In more modern DOS games, DOSBox will use the native Intel processor (more along the lines of a virtualizer) instead of being emulated. Also ScummVM runs fine on Mac OS X.As for using GoG games, Boxer reads GoG-formated disc images.
  14. Open-sourcing the engine will allow it to be available on different architectures. Considering it's already set to be released on the main three, it'll probably be ported to more obscure systems. As for the assets: keep them a separate, closed license for awhile, perhaps even indefinitely. People will buy the game to get the assets, but build the engine from scratch if they want.
  15. The recent patch didn't fix the NVidia GT? problem. Just a heads up.
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