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  1. It will be tried, just because it looks like a good business model. Hackers, however, won't stand for it. It couldn't last long.
  2. whooooaaah, maaaan.... you totally blew my mind! His games are like the candy, dude. Awesome!
  3. I already have plans to reconstruct Lungfishopolis in Legos for an impending Goggalor attack... I just need Goggalor...
  4. Scott C is my all time favorite, although Epic Saga kept me coming back... until i ran out of quarters...
  5. I most definitely need Psychonauts action figures and merit badges. Like, tomorrow.
  6. I heard from a credible source (friendly drunk blue monkey on my shoulder) that this game is actually a 2D RTS set in a space station, or candy (I don't know if I heard him right, he was hiccuping...).
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