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  1. I got mine as a notice in my little "inbox," the small envelope image at the top of the steam client. It appeared as an item in my inventory, as your friend said, as a coupon, offering me the opportunity to give it to a friend or open it for myself.
  2. So this is just a "Thank You" thread for those of us who got H&S for free after having bought Spacebase so long ago. Now you guys just have to finish Black Lake and I'll be in Hog Heaven. Is there a way to put that behind a spoiler tag on this forum?
  3. So a week from this thread's having been posted, breaking it down into an admittedly vague terms of relatively likely versus tepid/unlikely (top half vs. bottom half of the options)...94% are interested in more than one of these games. But I suspect that's the reason for the poll at humblebundle.com anyway. Happy Christmas, Merry New Year.
  4. I think Hack & Slash is such a novel/creative concept, as long as they don't bungle the execution, that it's pretty sure-fire.
  5. You're misunderstanding the bit about it being a prototype it sounds like. I never saw a list of hardware reqs. but my suspicion is that they aren't too stressful, if your system isn't running them it may be ill-suited to gaming in general, particularly old, or similar. What kind of computer is it?
  6. It occurs to me that there is another solution, which is to put them up on kickstarter and see which ones get funded and which don't. As a subsequent suggestion, don't put them all out at once since some of us are going to want to buy more than one, and piling on a bunch all at once is going to make me, well, poorer.
  7. I have to agree with you on that one, people seemed to judge them compared to a full release product rather than allowing the game to be unfinished a, well, prototype. And again I agree with you about the white birch in particular, knowing that platforming mechanics need to be polished made it seem weird that so many were so critical about...a prototype. Something people need to keep in context.
  8. Sure, qualify them if you want, I'm all for it. I want to recant that comment. I love them all, and meant my original statement that I'd buy any of them.
  9. In all seriousness. I think I'd buy any of the the games from this amnesia fortnight should you decide to make any given game. That isn't to say I didn't have favorites, but I liked all of them. I'm not sure if that's me or if other people feel similarly, so I posted a poll. Wish I could update the title of the poll to begin with an "Are," RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
  10. I have looked at memory and CPU usage while the game is running. It's all running on one core, unsurprisingly, and using up close to 100% of the resources on that core. my AV gets disabled when I game, and there aren't any other significant background applications running. The memory use is minimal, topping out at about 30-35%. I actually found the thread you mention not long after I made this post (again, unsurprisingly) and have largely dealt with the issues via some of the advice in that thread. If I run it in a 4:3 aspect ratio, in a window, with all of the graphical amenities turned off, it runs (largely) well. But it still crashed on me with those settings in place. It produced a dump file which I'm tempted to attach, but somehow I doubt it would get looked at, the game is older, and probably gets only the support that can be managed on a forum (I suspect). But anyway, don't worry about it, the graphical changes seem to be largely sufficient to play the game. There are still problems and crashes, but they are rarefied, so I wouldn't worry about it. But thank you for your reply. Sorry about the redundant thread.
  11. Brutal Legend? Just thought maybe people on this forum might know if there were any plans, or not.
  12. I owned a store bought copy of this game a while ago, though it was lost in a move. Yesterday, Steam put it on sale for a puny $2 USD. And I bought it, I've been playing it, but I'm having sudden and dramatic framerate drops. My framerates drop down to a frame every say...10 seconds? something like that, making the game unplayable. My system is modern, 17 920, MSI Eclipse SLI motherboard, Radeon 5850, Xonar DX audio card 3x2 gigs ddr3 1333 (Corsair XMS3), WD Caviar Black 500Gb (system), Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 500 Gb (Storage), Vista x64, PC Power and cooling silencer 750...All the tedious little stuff about the comp. I tried running it in compatibility mode, but it doesn't seem to help...or let me rephrase that...it happens less frequently, but still too often to make the game playable. The drivers available that support my video card are only the two most recent (or 3 most recent?) iterations of the Catalyst software suite . So I can't go back that many generations of drivers...though I'm not sure this is the issue anyway. I'm not actually sure it's a framerate issue at all honestly. The game seems unresponsive, and actions continue going, but at an incredibly slow pace. As if my CPU were suddenly occupied at 100% usage. Not sure if any other people have come here to discuss it, but if I get a solution, I'll communicate it to the Steam forums, where some similar issues seem to be had by other people.
  13. The system sometimes would freeze, and I'd have to remove it in safe mode. I've also had it partially install and had to dig out the contents of it. You're right about Valve, I went there today and checked, basically Valve games and about 10 others can be transferred like this. I have gotten it installed on a previous occasion and played through some of it. I'd like to finish it though...kinda stinks
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