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  1. 25%, probably. This poll should have been an email survey sent out to $100+ backers. Do you really think that would make any difference?
  2. I absolutely LOVED the wiring puzzles Making notes felt good, man! edit: huh, @Tzivaeris, that looks like a screenshot... was there really a chart for the boot puzzle in game?
  3. Really, I think this is what makes the difference. If you don't rush the game, always wait for all characters to finish _all_ their dialogue and always exhaust all dialogue trees (and check back often to see if new options are available), act 2 was pretty easy. The wiring puzzles had me making some notes, but that's kinda what makes it fun. It took me a while to get the tree to laugh, but I had so much fun making all sorts of combinations and hearing the reactions, it never bothered me. I guess what I'm trying to say is: if you didn't like it, you were playing it wrong?
  4. Clearly, the only correct answer is a vertical box with one of those [del]holographic[/del] lenticular covers. Tilt your head left, you see Vella, tilt your head right, you see Shay. You are welcome.
  5. Next *Spring*? Dammit, the last video mentioned a possible delay to January, now we have to wait even longer? ;_; Oh well, I'm sure 2PP will help tide us over Right guys? Guys?
  6. There's still no audio on Linux. Please, please, PLEASE, fix this Oh and the latest update seems to have deleted my savegame, so there's that as well.
  7. For a second there, I thought Shay's left arm looked like... something else. So yeah, I voted for that one.
  8. Yeah, same problem on Linux with the current version. Please look into it for real / again after Amnesia Fortnight, I'd like to play the DLC with all my stuff
  9. Because a lot of entitled backers would fume at the idea that muggles would get to play the game at the same time as them. (and really, it's just good form to let us have a go at it first)
  10. I loved standing around and listening to all the things Harm'ny yells down, after you crash in Curtis' house and go back up the ladder to Merriloft. That and all the lines about the good stool Curtis' felt coming. Wil really had the perfect voice for that character
  11. So you're annoyed non-backers will get to play it before you? Good news: non-backers who don't want to install Steam also won't be able to play it. Those who backed for the iOS and Android versions have to wait for part 2 as well, you're not alone. It sucks you guys don't want to play the game for ideological reasons, but who knows, maybe they'll release a Humble version once they're happy with the final Act 1 build.
  12. Oh my god, yes, THIS! I LOVED the little hexagon robots. The one cleaning the windows killed me
  13. Also: Do these "most players" hate fun? I thought the high pitched voice was hilarious ;(
  14. Oh, that makes sense. It still feels like a bug though. Maybe have the voice change back gradually while he's talking? It's a bit abrupt now.
  15. If you want to avoid spoilers, surely you would play the game before watching the documentary?
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