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  1. Hi. removed my TTG bookmark and added this site in it's place. I don't plan on ever going back there.
  2. 1: I am surprised the demo even started. It doesn't work normally. 2. This error means that the game runs in a resolution your monitor doesn't support. What resolution do you normally use on that machine. Getting the same error in World Of Goo is strange. Every monitor should support a 800x600 resolution. (if you didn't find out yet: you can change the resolution of World Of Goo to anything you want. Instructions: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=818395 )
  3. I can no longer play this game in English after the patch. The game runs in German for me even though it is set to the English version in Steam. I would love to a) get an in-game option to change back to English or b) know how to change it in any other way. -> how is that even determined. Even my region is set to the UK in Windows. Things I tried: - switching the language of the game in Steam back & forth - using a parameter (-english and -en will not work) - changing the keyboard layout to a UK-layout Edit: I fixed it. Setting the language of the game to German or French in Steam creates a file called "psychonauts.ini" in the game folder. That file is missing in the English version of the game. Open that file and change the content to: language english setting the language to English in Steam will delete the file again though.
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