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  1. I agree - clearly the style, design, artwork, music etc are exemplary, but that is totally lost as the rest of the game is so sorely lacking.
  2. +1 to this thread. Great to see Double Fine on here commenting, and it must be hard for them to hear such criticism mixed with such love. I adore Tim and Double Fine's games - Grim Fandango and Psychonauts are probably two of the best games I've ever played, but I feel really underwhelmed by Broken Age. It feels like it is catering for a different audience than the old-school adventure gamers who backed it, which I don't really understand - I thought it was meant to be a resurrection of the classic genre, not a dumbed-down version that takes a few hours to complete and has basically no puzzles whatsoever? Maybe I'm being overly harsh, but I had high hopes. For example [spoilers], the 'creature grabbing' thing that Shay had to do - what was that all about? Really made me feel this was a game for kids. And then Shay literally tells you how to get to the new star system. He tells you how to solve a puzzle!! What!?? I also felt the pacing was off, and there were only a few interesting characters but all characters had such small roles that you never really had time to get to know them. In addition, there was hardly anything to click on (you'd be lucky if there was more than one object in a scene to interact with), which only served to further highlight the intended purpose of each item you picked up. Sorry Double Fine, feel really bad being so negative! Let's see what Act 2 has in store, but I'm worried that if the direction changes in light of all this feedback, it is only going to create a disjointed gaming experience - if this is the direction DF have chosen to go, wouldn't changing now just make the experience disjointed and further disrupt the flow? I imagine that having to split into Acts will probably something they will regret - it can't have been the original plan so something must have gone awry to end up in this position, especially considering the enormous amount of money they raised. Think I might go pick up Brutal Legend as only ever played the demo and loved it. Don't think I'm ready to play Psychonauts for a third time!
  3. I also am experiencing this problem. I'm on the scene to the right of the first cloud scene, where you get the ladder, but I'm not sure if scene really matters - I'm guessing it is just whenever the bottom left area is walkable to. I wouldn't call this a minor bug at all - clicking on the inventory is one of the few pointer interactions you have with this game - plus I keep falling through the clouds every time I click on the inventory in this scene. Late 2013 15" Macbook Pro using trackpad on Mavericks 10.9.1
  4. I have the exact same problem. After messing with the graphics settings I've been able to get a little further in the obstacle course, but it'll still consistently crash within a minute after punching Oleander's projection. Macbook Air late 2010 Mac OS 10.7.1, 1.86 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3, NVidia GeForce 320M 256MB I've started a new thread specifically for discussion of the Mac crashing issue that many people are experiencing. http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/4951/
  5. Hi folks, This thread is to discuss the problem of Psychonauts crashing on Macs (the Steam version - I can't vouch for the App Store version). Others are reporting this problem, both in the support thread on this forum (link) and on the Steam forums (link). The game runs absolutely smoothly until a sudden crash into a black screen during the first few minutes of the training course (usually during one of the first few jumps). I then have to return to the desktop and relaunch, but this will keep happening every time. The game is basically unplayable for some of us which is a real shame and of course since we paid for it, this needs to be fixed! Any input from Double Fine would be appreciated, and also advice on how best to log this issue with them. My specs: 11" 2010 MacBook Air 1.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo / 4 GB RAM / NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256MB. Also, please can we avoid the old "Macs vs PCs" debate or "MacBook Airs aren't meant for games" chats - we want to understand the specific cause of the crashes and hopefully facilitate the implementation of a fix. I will experiment with lowered graphics settings as I have hunch this may be graphics related, and can provide crash logs to Double Fine if requested.link
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