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    Founder, Dracogen Inc. Co-Founder, XE.com Inc., Wifarer Inc., MegaCynics Inc. Financier, Double Fine Productions. Entrepreneur, investor, executive producer, geek, pilot. Funder of many things.
  1. This is awesome, Tim! Glad it's working out for you! I have never regretted getting my act together a few years back and losing 60 pounds. The trick for me was changing my lifestyle to keep it from coming back. Working out, eating properly... I committed to it and just made it a habit. Best of luck, man!
  2. Wow, cool! I think you will enjoy the games that are on the way...
  3. And I look forward to hosting you! But that is a totally different game.
  4. I think that is the single most common comment I've seen about MMoJ. I don't honestly know the answer, but you can bet I will be talking about it with the team. My guess it will depend on a number of factors, and that the most important one of those will be how well MMoJ does on iOS.
  5. Wow, these are some great comments! Thanks, everyone. Please keep them coming!
  6. I initially felt this way too. We added the confirmation screen for this reason. Past the confirmation screen, though, you're committed. It's like you're buying a pack of physical cards: Pokemon, MtG, etc. You don't know what hero cards are inside, and you can't "back out" of the purchase after you've made it, i.e. ask for your money back from the store. The random cards are part of the excitement. Steve
  7. While I did offer a small amount of creative suggestion into the project, the beauty of our relationship is that I'm really perfectly happy with Double Fine doing what they do best: making great games. The last thing I want to do is interfere with that. I'm not a publisher and this relationship is about as far away from a typical publisher/developer relationship as it's possible to be.
  8. Woo! Another three game deal! Our first was for the port of Psychonauts to the Mac, Costume Quest to the PC, and Stacking to the PC. But these are all new games. Very exciting.
  9. Actually, it looks best on the latest iPad. The one with the retina display.
  10. I think you need a Canadian Itunes account. What the requirements for one, I have no idea. Yep, you need a Canadian iTunes account. But never fear, it should should be coming to the USA very soon.
  11. Absolutely! Double Fine's relationship with Dracogen means that they are self-publishing this title. They are the developer and the publisher. It's such a great place for them to be!
  12. Hello all! I am also lurking here, and will answer any questions you may have about Dracogen's involvement.
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