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  1. Yeah, I had the same question. It looks like lua bytecode - I tried to decompile it w/ luajit: $ luajit -bl Content/Game/Global/Entities/TreasureChest.lua blah luajit: Content/Game/Global/Entities/TreasureChest.lua: cannot load incompatible bytecode But got an error. This is the version I'm running: LuaJIT 2.0.3 -- Copyright © 2005-2014 Mike Pall. http://luajit.org/ BTW, is there a wiki or something that people have been compiling anywhere?
  2. Just watched the recording of the Twitch stream and the ChatScript performance was a bit underwhelming. It looks like ChatScript is pretty powerful so maybe it's just a matter of lots more scripting, although maybe it also makes sense to, as a fallback, run sentences parsed through NLP/keyword extraction w/ something like NLTK to see if you could get better results. There's been a lot of work on sentiment analysis (mainly work on social media corpuses, like tweets) which might be a good fit. Check out: http://nlp.stanford.edu/sentiment/index.html
  3. The general approach is OK for getting a ballpark, but your significant figures imply a degree of accuracy that just isn't there. Presale copies were sold at 10% off. It's unknown how many presales there were (based on the chart positions, probably not too many) and will affect the revenue numbers. In general, # of full priced sales is going to be a lot less important (between discounts and different price points for bundles, mobile, etc). Similarly, we have no idea about soundtrack sales through Bandcamp/Steam. Also, I'm assuming you got $3M as a number that they need to recoup by subtracting $6M-3M, but remember, both those numbers are pretty inexact. When they talk about $6M in the doc, they could just as easily mean $5.8M or $6.3M - we're not privy to any of the details of the actual budgeting. Also, I'm not sure how accurate the $3M from crowdfunding number is - while they ended w/ $3.3M from KS, remember 10% fees come out, then there's 2PP's budget, and then fulfillment costs for rewards (11K t-shirts, hundreds of posters, books, etc don't come for free!). I recall $2.3M being mentioned as the number after all of these costs, although I don't have a reference handy (and I don't know offhand about the Slacker Backer numbers). There are a lot of unknowns, so I'd just try to keep that in mind when throwing out/trying to figure out numbers. I'm guessing we'll see a video/project update followup where Greg or Justin will give some thoughts on how sales were (at least versus their expectations, if not actual numbers), but it's probably too early to tell. I'm sure everyone would have loved if BA stayed in the top 5/10 longer, but if it hangs around at the current level for a while, that's great. If it drops precipitously, well, that's probably bad. (Probably won't happen - there's not a lot of stuff out now, the game is good, and hopefully word of mouth will help the audience keep expanding, but who knows, maybe Oprah recommends it and sales go through the roof. Hard to predict these things.). At this point it feels like Double Fine has a lot of experience w/ doing sales/bundles, so I'm sure they can turn the knobs as appropriate. Honestly, that'd be a pretty interesting documentary section in topic, but who knows if they'll be going into that at all... From what we've seen so far, I think Act 1 sales is successful since it's been well received and will give the team the breathing room they were looking for (bringing in $1-2M, relaxing deadline pressure) and Act 2 will be able to go off pretty much as planned. With the additional sales opportunities (mobile platforms, Act 2 release), I think that chances are good that Broken Age will end up making DF some money as well as serving as a flag planting. Like you mentioned, they have a lot of fires going at any given time, so hopefully the number will work out so DF can keep doing their thing independently. It's incredibly exciting to see that happening and I'm glad to be cheering them on.
  4. The Garry's Mod comparison is actually super useful to help ballpark numbers. As you've pointed out, Garry has been pretty forthcoming with sales numbers (older). (He also just published numbers on how Rust sales have compared). Here's the info you want on sales chart history: comparing Rust, Garry's Mod, and Broken Age Looks like it's doing pretty well. Also, since it's tracking so closely to Garry's Mod right now, if you found some recent absolute numbers you'd get pretty accurate revenue numbers for BA, I suspect.
  5. I think the problem with that is having to guess/know exactly where to do that w/o having some voice hints or something else rather unsatisfying. My thought was to have la wooden plank and a warning sign that says something like "watch your step." You'd then have to actively move that covering to drop in...
  6. Agree that iOS/Android could have a big impact - I wonder how that's going to be timed/priced - realistically I think it'd be hard for them to charge more than $8 for the full game or what the sales numbers would actually be. I didn't hear if they were going to release Act I before Act II on mobile? I agree that Act II will give a nice bump. I wonder if it'll go on sale before then (probably not simply because since Act II is included w/ Act I, any discounts before Act II is released is simply lost revenue). After Act II though, I expect it'll end up in some Humble Bundles etc and that should help bring a healthy revenue second wind. It's always tough to talk numbers since things are so close to the vest, perhaps rightly so. Revealing budgets, costs, sales numbers wasn't really part of the promise, and is genuinely scary (especially considering the amount of internet assholes around), but there's some stuff we know: * After KS fees, rewards, and 2PP, there was about $2.3M to make a game. * EP 10: We know that they raised another $2M (Brutal Legend, Humble Double Fine Bundle) and in the discussion $6M is mentioned as the projected budget (pre-split) * EP 14: Justin says that at 500K sales would be an enormous success and will "supply all the funds we need to be completely independent." - less Valve's 30% cut and accounting for pre-sales discounts, that'd end up being a ballpark number of $8M? I wonder if that's just in reference to the game budget. Speculations/thoughts: * I think we can safely assume that the voice acting was at SAG scale. Looking at those rates I'd throw out a ballpark of $100K, but maybe someone else would have more insight? * Live orchestra, and chamber studio recording for the soundtrack... maybe $30K? (it was unclear how many hours of session time, etc) still, either way, a tiny slice of the overall budget. * By far the biggest cost would is dev time. Let's say 15 FTEs x 2yr at $160K fully loaded (fully loaded cost is about 2X salary, I'm assuming that DF employees are typically underpaid, especially fo living in SF) - that's about $5M * Support contract w/ Zipline for Moai if any? (not enough for them to stay business) * Outsourcing animation to Supergenius (no idea how much) It looks like over the past couple years, DF has been getting the publishing rights back on their games (Brutal Legend, Psychonauts) and own the rights to their new IPs, although I have to wonder what that actually translates into in monthly residual income (the DF bundle sells on Steam for $35, individual games from $10-25)... In any case, it'd be interesting to hear more about their plans for being independent and what that entails. It looks like w/ games like Spacebase ($400K), Massive Chalice (~$1M, 32K backers) they can keep making titles/paying for small teams to work, but at 65 employees (Wikipedia count), it must be in the ballpark of $8-10M/yr just to keep the lights on? Anyway, I hope that BA sells well enough to keep things going, but I wonder what "success" actually is. Maybe there are other threads that have discussed the budget stuff more in depth.
  7. I think having parts of some of the documentary episodes being put out online (like maybe a few 10-15min segments?) would be awesome marketing. Watching the doc has been fantastic in really connecting w/ the team & game and I bet would do a great job in selling not only the game, but also the full documentary. (get 'em hooked!) I feel like there's a lot of cynicism / misconceptions / critiques from people looking outside in that would really would get blown away if they saw some of what we as backers have experienced.
  8. For PC, it'd be awesome if it were easy to add hotkeys. Keyboard 'i' for the inventory, Keyboard 1-0 to select an item, and then to be able to click w/o having to do the drag and drop. Or implementing classic point and click (selecting an inventory item lets you use it for a click). For me, the bigger UI niggle was the space bar skipping the entire scene. I'm so used to just being able to advance single lines of dialogue - I'll need to go back and replay the game at some point because I accidentally skipped some lines. It'd be great if "skipping" went back to lines vs entire scenes (maybe add a separate key like escape to allow full skipping but I'd guess in most cases, people just want to fast forward instead of completely skipping things?)
  9. This. I'm not sure this is tweakable just by removing the hints. Two moments really bugged me. When Shay was on the falling train I discovered the solution to the puzzle by mere chance, first try! I simply re-clicked on the mountain's mouth right away and- bang! "Puzzle" solved. And I hadn't even tried all the rides yet! I was forced to restore a previous savegame to experience those BEFORE the plot of the game went on. Annoying. Same goes with the grandpa-knife puzzle: I tried to give grandpa the cake (no real choice there: he was the only one willing to accept that) and I chose the "split option" just because I thought he was nice and I wanted to share the cake. And then - bang! Puzzle solved: here is the knife. Another example: the shoes you need to avoid falling off the clouds. When the shoemaker gave me the wrong size, I began to think about a way to solve the problem. I kept exploring, I met the other maiden and -bang, she gave me the right size shoes. Just like that. The game would need some triggers to keep players from stumbling on puzzle solutions. Less hints could help, you're absolutely right, but these issues would still be there. Tim can still improve the experience, though. We know he's working on upping the difficulty level for Act 2. If Act 2 is really challenging, Broken Age could become the perfect way to introduce newcomers to the magic of adventure games AND to please us old timers. :-) Otherwise, the game will be targeted to newcomers and Schafer/Double Fine-fans ONLY. That would be such a waste of a wonderful work (storywise, artwise and... soundwise! :-P ). I think these hits on the right points. It's not so much the difficulty but that you can just accidentally accomplish them / hoover through without even following a chain of logic. It's sort of like some of those buggy quests in RPGs where you can finish them before they get assigned and it doesn't make sense. I get the feeling that these problems could/should be solved no so much by making things more complex, but with better gating. Should I be able to convince Curtis to give me his abstract art piece before I even know why I might want it? (Like ThunderPeel I had a lot of mixed feelings about Shell Mound - it wasn't clear on why I wanted to enter their Maiden's Feast at all, or why I'd want the Marshal's bucket, why I'd want to go into the temple, etc etc. I get the feeling that it might be better if certain paths unlocked at least after where it started making sense. I can understand not wanting users to get too stuck and I like that the idea of increasing amounts of in-game hints (maybe it that should only start happening/escalating in the situations where you start doing things wrong 3 or 4 times or for X number of minutes or something), maybe with the option of turning them off for veteran players, but forcing players to go through parts of the narrative before they could do stuff would be a good idea I think, especially for dialogue trees. Sadly, I think for me, the puzzle design is the weakest part of Act I. I was just tickled pink by just about everything else - the great design, art, music, sound design, storytelling, voice acting, etc etc.
  10. time travel, only possible explanation Nah, Shay's just the latest clone.
  11. I tried to find as much dialog as possible and it took me about 4 hours - it was great to finally get to walk around the world. The art & art direction, music, atmosphere were all fantastic. I was really blown away by the amount of polish and could definitely see where the dev time went. That being said, I do agree that the actual puzzles/interactions felt a bit spare. It's been years since I've played a serious adventure game and I'm not really asking for harder puzzles per se, but I think where there were a few more items to potentially combine or steps to do things would have been more fun. It just felt a bit like, make sure you pick everything up and plug A into B. I *did* appreciate the way they gave some hints (I went through Shay's train a couple times and while it was obvious in hindsight, I would have been one of those people riding the train for 30 minutes and never figuring it out w/o the extra dialogue). I think that having more complex puzzles, a smart gradual "hint" system would be a must (and would take a fair amount of work/dialogue), so maybe it's OK to have simpler puzzles as a compromise. The other thing that felt a bit weird/off is that a couple times w/ Vela's story, there were moments where I felt a bit lost in a story sense. Like you want to enter Shell Mounds maiden festival before you have a way to attack/kill the Mog, or you want to go into the temple for no good reason, etc. I felt I was doing a lot of clicking/exploring before I had a good reason to. Shay's story had me questioning its logic less (Marek helps in that regard, also the stuff you do just seems to have clearer motivations).
  12. I did Vela's story first. When it finishes, it jumps you right into Shay's story, which gets completed before they tie together, so no matter what order you do it, the "big reveal" doesn't happen until you complete the second part. I think it works well enough that no matter which order you play you get some strong hints about the reveal. I was sort of hoping for a bit more switching back and forth (maybe not quite DOTT levels, but some natural intersection points), but in practice w/ Act I you can just sort of play straight through each story. Maybe in Act II.
  13. From Mom's memories, it sounds like the AI are possibly encoded from the offerings? It seems like after Alex (was that his name? the Dead Eyed God) went into cryosleep, something must have happened for Project Dandelion to continue (something having to do with what he mentioned about "hacking" the system?) It's a bit weird that he wouldn't have recognized the design of the Mogs if they were based on the same technology. That's awfully involved simulation world Shay was living in there though so who knows what's going on. Couple things... As we saw the "collection" locations matched the various maiden festival/town locations. It's weird that Shell Mound is marked as "Prima Doom" - off limits. Ah you say, well that must be tied into trying to avoid the Dead Eyed God's Temple (the original Operation Dandelion seed ship), except Shell Mound regularly holds maiden festivals so the Mog must go there every time! I wonder how that all gets explained, and what Marek usually does with all the maidens... A more minor nit, but it seems a bit weird why immediately upon seeing Shay why Vela would try to knock him out. I mean, the first reaction to a person walking out of the mouth of a monster would probably be more dumbfoundedness then sheer aggression? Vela seemed pretty levelheaded/reasonable through Act I. Maybe all the adrenaline had her confused/angry waking up... I can accept it as a mechanically thing to get her firmly on the other side of the mouth, but I can't help but wonder if there would have been a simpler way that was a bit more in character.
  14. Doh! Just bought Psychonauts again on Steam and was looking forward to reliving the memories. 5.5GB of download later... the game won't launch for me! Platform: Mac OS: 10.7.1 Hardware: Mac Pro (Early 2008), 2 x 3.2GHz Quad-Core Xeon, 12GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 6xxx Basically Steam launches it, then it just gives me an empty Psychonauts app w/ no windows. I can do an "About" and quit and that's about it... HALP! Here's my console dump in pastebin: http://pastebin.com/YsqNj8xu
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