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  1. The Unofficial Costume Quest Help Thread!

    Ok I just bought Grubblins on Ice. Started up Costume Quest. The problem is that it just goes to the last boss in the regular game. So how do I get to Grubblins on Ice? Is it because I already beaten the game that I am having this problem?
  2. Costume Quest Costume Contest

    That is why I am asking for the ok on that.
  3. Costume Quest Costume Contest

    Is zombie's ok? If so I think I have a way to have butter on my head.
  4. Well that is why there is always the possibility of pillow version of it. Metal meow was a name a friend and me were guessing about what the metal beast would be. Was a bit of a disappointment to find out that it was called some generic sounding as the Metal Beast.
  5. The metal beasts. I call them Metal Meows, and my favorite beast to ride.
  6. More Statues Please!

    Damn you on beating me to the punch. Though you forgot the source of that article.
  7. Hardest mission?

    Fletus on Brutal was tough, but the key to beating him is boost when going straight. Though the track more often then Fletus is the challenge. Each mission has its' own thing to beat it much like for any group in multiplayer. The challenge is in finding that one thing. Now for me the toughest thing is finding that last Bound Seperent I've gone through the entire map twice with a guide from Roaster Teeth and still haven't found it. Just how it goes, but I found the actual Boss RTS Fights to be the toughest missions in the game.
  8. First Brütal Doubles Tourney (360 Only)

    My Gold expires on the 17th or I try to join in.
  9. Eddie's and Ophilia's shirts

    The link is now working so not sure why it 404 last night.
  10. Eddie's and Ophilia's shirts

    Well the Ophilia shirt got removed and the Eddie Shirt got moved to the new products. So it may be a deal where the Ophilia one didn't get enough pre-orders to be made or being moved to the new products page.
  11. Eddie's and Ophilia's shirts

    Eddie’s T-shirt and Ophilia T-shirt available. It kicks ass and thought others be wanting to add to the pre-order.
  12. The Love Giver

    It does a bit more then basic in single player, but in multiplayer you be right.
  13. Everybody get random, PSYCHONAUTS STYLE!

  14. Everybody get random, PSYCHONAUTS STYLE!

    With mind, doing things be done.