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  1. Went to PAX this year and picked up a few. The two I really wanted were Boyd and Raz. Got lucky enough and managed to trade one of mine for a raz, but no luck trying to find a Boyd. If anyone wanted to try to fill up their collection, I' easily trade my other three for a Boyd. I've got a Sasha Nein, Loboto, and Sheegor up for trade.(Willing to give all 3)
  2. I grabbed a couple of them this year at PAX. I really just wanted Raz and Boyd. First time I got two lilys'. Then i managed to trade one for a loboto, and someone kindly traded me my lily for their raz. Then i bought two more a few days later and got sasha and sheegor. Still really want boyd, I tried to find some forums to trade loboto+sheegor for boyd, or even sasha too but was unsucessful. Hopefully they go on sale online, I'd even buy a full set.
  3. 1: I am surprised the demo even started. It doesn't work normally. 2. This error means that the game runs in a resolution your monitor doesn't support. What resolution do you normally use on that machine. Getting the same error in World Of Goo is strange. Every monitor should support a 800x600 resolution. (if you didn't find out yet: you can change the resolution of World Of Goo to anything you want. Instructions: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=818395 ) My monitor is running at 1680 x 1050 -I never looked too hard into trying to make World of Goo run. But Psychonauts is a MUST have to get working.
  4. Psychonauts is my all time favorite game and I've played it on my xbox dozens of times. I wanted to purchase it on steam recently , first picked up the demo to make sure it would run. When I launch the game , the audio starts as normal, but my monitor goes black and display a message saying "Input signal out of range". From what I've understood from hearing different things bout this error is the game is trying to run in a resolution or refresh rate that my monitor is not capable of. Does anyone know a possible fix to this situation? I'd love to play through it for the billionth time. (Also this error has only occured on World of Goo for me, but I could never find out a fix for that one either) Steam Psychonaut forums suggested I check in the "displaysettings.ini" in the game directory...However I don't have the file ( not sure if it's not included in demo version, also verfied game cache to make sure that it wasn't missing by accidnet)
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