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  1. Trenched Multiplayer meet-ups

    I call "forest".
  2. Trenched Multiplayer meet-ups

    I expected for there to be one of these DFAF. i am disappoint. If anyone want to play with yours truly or the rest of the DFAF cast this is the place to organize it. I for one will be playing it for the majority of my day, anyone is welcome to join.
  3. I think most of the major deaths are over after But i am looking forward to the role reversal hussie said would be coming.
  4. Everybody get random!

    How are all of you scalawags doing?
  5. I think if we got good talksprites it would do wonders for the characters.
  6. Everybody get random!

    If i hear another clown horn, I'm going to cry.
  7. Everybody get random!

    Who said to their self that he would go to bed 3 hrs ago? This guy This guy right here.
  8. Everybody get random!

    I do this with nic cage movies, i can never take him seriously.
  9. Hey guise we could use anything off the newgrounds audio portal if we need it.
  10. Everybody get random!

    I finally missed a gabby :coolmad:
  11. 1. We should keep the story simple, what zerg wrote up pretty much. 2. I can be what ever position you can fill me into, a bad guy, minor char, a quest giver ect. @ tikara you should dance like the secret of mana shopkeepers Edit: i would go for a good balance of random encounters and exploration.