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  1. I expected for there to be one of these DFAF. i am disappoint. If anyone want to play with yours truly or the rest of the DFAF cast this is the place to organize it. I for one will be playing it for the majority of my day, anyone is welcome to join.
  2. I think most of the major deaths are over after But i am looking forward to the role reversal hussie said would be coming.
  3. Who said to their self that he would go to bed 3 hrs ago? This guy This guy right here.
  4. I do this with nic cage movies, i can never take him seriously.
  5. Hey guise we could use anything off the newgrounds audio portal if we need it.
  6. 1. We should keep the story simple, what zerg wrote up pretty much. 2. I can be what ever position you can fill me into, a bad guy, minor char, a quest giver ect. @ tikara you should dance like the secret of mana shopkeepers Edit: i would go for a good balance of random encounters and exploration.
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