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  1. you are actually very very wrong sir 1.because you haven't read up the history of double fine so u have no idea on what ur talking about on games...Tim don't work for them no more it is now Gog that makes it...before u post a reply read the rest of the forum of FAQS and the forum written by Tim ok...im not trying to sound rude
  2. I mean they have to pay the publisher to make it as it would cost millions to develop it just don't work out that way it works like this.....they got to have money for publisher rights and money to pay the publisher so that the publisher can pay off the millions of dollars to invest on the game.......
  3. lol thanks....and they need funding to get a publisher ....i really hope they stop making those sesame street games and go back to psychonauts heres a video about psycohnauts it says its real
  4. I just found out that if u buy Psychonauts game on steam some of´╗┐ the money will go towards Psychonauts 2..that's awesome that's what i am doing.....i am gonna buy the game off of steam............just to let you other fans of Psychonauts know that i heard it on the internet and it even said on some forum that even piraters out there still help the popularity stay up but im gonna buy the game insted to help out..........
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