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  1. https://vid.me/ZfAY Jesus Christ Tara and Joey, stop being salty.
  2. Here's what known: You play as a Sheriff's Deputy which can be customizable by gender, race and other physical features. No radio towers I believe. The story involve taking down a religious cult in Montana that has taken over this beautiful state. You will fight with a Resistance. Three allies include an African American priest, a bartender lady, and a pilot. You will get to drive redneck vehicles like muscle cars, monster trucks, ATVs, planes, etc.
  3. You can make a customizable character in Far Cry 5. Ubi also released trailers for members of the Resistance against the evil cult.
  4. Damn, now you're just getting me more pumped up about FC5 too. The guy in the center of that pic does look like Richard Spencer.
  5. You mean assailed religious right lunatics? Did something happen in the last two years?
  6. Vaas was a pretty bad ass villain while the final boss was kinda forgettable.
  7. How was it bad? It probably had one of the most memorable video game villains.
  8. I really do like IHE and his commentary on dumb social trends and events. Should I also check out Ralph The Movie Maker?
  9. Looking pretty good. Hope we see more at E3.
  10. My family and I are vacationing in Montana right now. I hope Whitefish is included.