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  1. Well, Gaben memes were the big deal back in the late 00s and early 10s, but got replaced by the Todd memes when Skyrim kept getting re-released all the time.
  2. Which developer memes are better? Gabe Newell or Todd Howard?
  3. Brand new original character, Android 21 will be in the upcoming DBZ fighting game, Dragonball FighterZ.
  4. So, would any of you want to have a DFAF Discord Server? If so, then PM me some ideas.
  5. So, I played Destiny 1 and all of the DLCs except for Rise of Iron, should I get Destiny 2?
  6. Sigh, when I saw that the thread got a new reply, I was hoping to see a new Last Jedi trailer since we're only 3 months away.
  7. 10

    In DFAF history, our oldest member was in his fifties. He doesn't come here anymore.
  8. A funny explanation of what talking about football rules is like at 1:02.