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  1. The cave on GOG/HB

    Any news in 2017? Is it possible to purchase "The Cave" DRM-free?
  2. All Doube Fine games are available for Mac OS and Linux. And all Doube Fine games are available on GOG.com Why this game is Windows only? And why this game is Steam only? I am very disappointed at the moment..... can we hope for better times?
  3. New soundtrack sounds synthetic

    I wonder why Double Fine don't use high-level virtual instruments for that job. This new sountrack sounds like a cheap virtual instruments collection comming with a 50 $ MIDI-keyboard... and it is incomprehensible why the creator of that new soundtrack added reverb effects. This makes a very mushy and slurred sound.... The DOTT-Remake is an ingenious prank! Thank you for that. But the new sound is a small drop of bitterness... but this is no problem, because we can switch to the old one ;-)
  4. I see cool comic fonts with nice random sized characters only. Can you make a screenshot? I don't know what you mean...
  5. The new soundtrack seems generated with very cheap and uninspired virtual midi instruments. It sounds awful and synthetic. The old soundtrack uses very abstract instruments (because the old soundcards were not able to simulate real instruments). In my eyes (or ears) this is the Uncanny Valley of music! I accept very abstract instruments more than almost real (but rather synthetic-sounding) instuments... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uncanny_valley For example: The rock music ("metal") theme in the room of green tentacle sounds very groovy and compact in the old Soundblaster version. With the new midi emulation this song sounds synthetic, sluggish and unbalanced...
  6. New translations?

    Du übertreibst ein bisschen. Es gibt vereinzelt grobe Übersetzungsfehler einiger Wörter und Redewendungen, das bestreitet niemand (aber die würden vermutlich auch bei einer Neuübersetzung auftauchen bzw. zu Streitigkeiten führen, welches von vielen Möglichkeiten denn nun die passende Übersetzung wäre). Aber gleich die gesamte Übersetzung zu verteufeln ist Quatsch. Sie ist grammatikalisch, orthographisch und inhaltlich korrekt, sie gibt jedem Character einen passenden Slang, die Sprecher sind ausgezeichnet besetzt. So eine gute Lokalisation sucht man heute vergeblich. Die Diskussion hatten wir bei MI schon. Da wird aufgrund einiger weniger Patzer in der Übersetzung gleich alles in Frage gestellt. Ich sehe das nicht so kritisch. Ich hab eher ein Problem mit den heutigen Übersetzungen. Sie mögen zwar alle hinsichtlich Redewendungen usw. höchst korrekt sein, hören sich aber alle steif und ohne Gefühl für die Sprache an...
  7. PLEASE! Keep the original SCUMM-Interface!
  8. Why not Bandcamp? http://doublefine.bandcamp.com/
  9. Grim Fandango Remastered OST is coming

    Why not Bandcamp? http://doublefine.bandcamp.com/
  10. Orchestral score?

    If you not record an orchestral soundtrack, please let the MIDI-Music as it is! I mean with original SoundBlaster emulation. I hope you don't replay the old MIDI files with modern virtual instruments. Virtual instruments sounds very cheap and mechanical. I like the old MIDI sound and I like hand made sound. But I hate virtual instrument sounds. Look here. I do not know who did that, but all music files on that site are awful, very awful. The virtual instruments sounds very cheap, mechanical, loveless and not coordinated in volume and dynamics. Such simple MIDI replays with virtual instruments contains no feelings. I hope Double Fine does not make such a crap: http://soundtracks.mixnmojo.com/ This is a rape of the beautiful LucasArts music.
  11. All the music files I hear in the remastered game are exactly the same from the old game and the old soundtrack from 1998. Which part of the music files are new recorded? Only the title music?
  12. That is an awful trend to limit the savegame slots in current games to 4, 8 or 10. What is the problem with an unlimited number of slots (named by saving date) or an limitation from 0 to 999 or something? Same problem with Broken Age! If machine_type == CONSOLE or machine_type == MOBILE_DEVICE number_of_slots = 4 else number_of_slots = 999 Endif
  13. Manny turns around after entering doors

    I played the first scenes only. I have seen It: Manys Office - when entering (every time) Dominos Office - when entering (every time), when leaving (some times) I play the Mac version with mouse control
  14. What is this? After entering some doors Manny turns around (to go out again)... Has anyone (from DoubleFine) played this game for testing?