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  1. That's actually a great idea. I would totally donate some money ! EDIT: But I guess they need a huuuuge budget to make a sequel.
  2. Aaw, damn it I hope they're wrong. They even write "In addition to announcing Costume Quest on Steam and some new (and fun-sounding) Iron Brigade DLC, they also announced a new game: Happy Action Theater, a minigame collection for the Xbox Kinect." That's far from 6 products
  3. Have some one noticed the pattern? Costume Quest PC announced 15th October. DLC to Iron Brigade announced 17th October. Happy Action Theatre announced 19th October. ?? will be announced 21st October?
  4. I hope other parts of the development team is working on something preeetty sweeet
  5. But the game is not called Trenched any more, it's called Iron Brigade
  6. ..And I'm still crossing my fingers for Costume Quest 2, or more DLC. But I guess I would love a new Psychonauts as well, even if I haven't played the first game. Man, I gotta buy first Psychonauts as soon as I got some cash. The game looks amazing!
  7. This is correct. The Extravaganza was a press event and the announcements were made for journalists only. So Double Fine haven't lied to anyone. As I have said before, there is probably an embargo on the info and as soon as the embargo has expired we will get the super-awesome news ! Patience my friends!
  8. IP? Explain that for me please? A completely new title/franchise
  9. I could slap my grand mother in the face for a Costume Quest sequel.
  10. I think it was pretty clear, but the time is 6:40 AM here and I haven't slept a bit so my brain is starting to feel a bit mushy
  11. Agreed! In fact, I think this is cause to boycott them and never buy their games again, because they have personally wronged us! Who's with me? Sarcasm? ... I hope
  12. As I said before. It's a press event, there's most likely an embargo on the info and the journalist are not allowed to write/speak about the other announcements yet.
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