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  1. You captured Raz perfectly. If only there was a sound loop of his laugh...
  2. Ha, you are most welcome! I figured you needed a special place; a place closer to our, err; okay, I didn't put the file it in a proper folder but that was quick and easy. You are amazing, sir and I thank you immensely! An honor and a privilege! Brent
  3. Thanks for doing the research - I think I knew that already but you did save me the trouble of looking it up. We'll have a solution in place soon to ease the reporting of bugs. There's a higher level conversation that needs to take place and not all of the ideas have been thoroughly explored. Thanks again, Hot! Brent
  4. There's very little control over the avatars. Sorry. Maybe in the newer version there will be more control but for now we're stuck. As for a support forum: We've been talking about this and there are some idea floating around about it but everyone has been super busy and no decision has been made, but it is a good idea.
  5. Probably because they're running a newer version. A lot of the modules and plug-ins we use broke with a test upgrade so we have to rethink this - I'll talk to some folks and see if there's a way to fix it but we're really busy and it probably will get a grunt and a few mumbling remarks about this current version. Thanks again for pointing it out and just so you know - we want to fix everything, but time is an expensive commodity. I am adding it to our list of things to fix. Brent
  6. Yes - I just confirmed this exclusively for you. Actually, I was going to the bathroom and our QA Manager was walking in so maybe more coincidental than anything but I did ask because you posted. The DLC guitars are in the game but only the solo play, not the multi-player beta. So I guess that means once the whole game is unlocked that you'll have them. Maybe someone else can elaborate on how and why they aren't available in the multi but I'm just the IT Manager and really can only describe the inner workings of servers so I'm not the best person to ask. Hope that helps!
  7. We do have a tip jar... Just saying. ...where is it? http://www.doublefine.com/dfapay Bottom of the page there. Maybe you should become a Slacker Backer first though. Why, it's right here: http://www.doublefine.com/dfapay Just tip us enough to make a few more games - maybe not AAA level but you know, a lot.
  8. Because we're stuck on an older version and upgrading breaks a lot of stuff.. One day,
  9. Maybe if we had a different CMS. We'll check this out but we're hamstrung with our CMS and limited in a lot of ways. Nonetheless, don't stop pointing these things out as we do honestly try to rectify things that we can control.
  10. Oh, my bad. I thought when you said a juice diet you meant alcohol. I do remember a conversation about that and my drinking habits... No wonder I'm gaining weight and grey hairs in my beard.
  11. We do have a tip jar... Just saying.
  12. I believe you're thinking of March 14. I... I'm speechless. NO that is not what I meant, but steak on Valentine's day would be awesome - maybe some lucky lady can buy me one.
  13. I wish you were here right now, so I could hug you. It doesn't get much better than that. Boxes full of candy are better, but, just saying... How about steak instead? You can't beat a nice steak. I agree with that entirely. But do you give steak on Valentine's day?
  14. I wish you were here right now, so I could hug you. It doesn't get much better than that. Boxes full of candy are better, but, just saying...
  15. PS - I think you better step up the posting if you ever want to catch Scarecrow
  16. We'll have to take a look at it next week. We need to perform an upgrade so I hate to see a bunch of manual bandages that might get overwritten. Thanks for pointing it out and don't hesitate if you see something - we want the best user experience possible!
  17. And you are correct - it doesn't work for me either. It might have to do with permissions, but it's non-critical as I see it for now. I have an upgrade to apply to the site that might cover this, if not, maybe at a later date Mr. Remo or one of us, can figure it out. Noted, and thanks again for pointing out the problems. Brent
  18. This should now be rectified. Mr. Remo modified the smiley page so it's less annoying and the images do not overlap. Let us know if there are still any issues with this and thanks again for pointing it out. Brent PS - I use 4 different browsers because some pages or the combination of the 80 tabs of pages I have open blows up each browser in different ways. Currently Chrome is giving me the most problems, but 2 months ago it was FF. There's no way to win that war and no single browser will display the same site in the same manner on any given day and it depends on mountains of variables. Frustrating stuff it can be, but again, we'll work to smooth out all the wrinkles with our site when they're pointed out and hopefully it will work in all.
  19. Okay, so I wanted to post this too. Lullaby #2 is my favorite piece by Corpus Callosum. 52t8N_OLg0I
  20. I just wanted to post a little support for Dax and Corpus Callosum (who played accordion for Blake Lake) by sharing their new video. Apparently this is something they've had shelved for a while. So they pulled it down, dusted it off, and finished it. I enjoyed it so much that it inspired me to post this and share it with you. 3_7UD23KsME Corpus Callosum Website Brent
  21. These are simply amazing! It's hard to say which one is the coolest since they're so far into the realm of awesomeness that it all blurs together into one magnificent mountain of WOW!!! Excellent stuff. UPDATE: I'm not an artist. By any means at all, or maybe at least not a producer of even mediocre art? I'm not sure how to call it because I'm a musician and consider music a form of art. I have also made several flyers for performances and built a few website banners back in the day - but I'm no real artist. (That's the IT Guy equivalent of I installed a modem for my grandma once) Anyway, as my tribute to Michael Firman and all his fantastic work, I give you the only representation I know of what Michael Firman looks like, from the art skills of an IT Manager (Made with Paint in Windows 8): I'm pretty sure the title 'illustrator' will never be part of any job description I have. Thank you to you Mr. Firman for your amazing work. And yes, I hope you draw me
  22. Wow! This is completely awesome! These rock!!!
  23. No, I wasn't with Double Fine back then. Here's a link to the soundtrack information for Psychonauts.
  24. It currently is not to my understanding. As for if it will be at some point, I cannot answer. I wouldn't mind developing the guitar stuff out a little more just for the fun of it...
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