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  1. Sweet Justice was my first hero and leader of my team . Hot Head second then @man and finally we needed some girl power to our team so Surge Protector joined our team.
  2. Finished the game in three evenings. Office rooms maxed out, equipment maxed out. Manager at lvl 10, heroes at lvl 9 with maxed abilities. 10K at my bank account and 30 superium left. All bosses down. Now I just wait for more content or some kind of a end game. (Only thing I bought was coin doubler) Good game overall! Lot's of things to do and manager theme was just superb. Just was hoping more content on F2P game
  3. I did tested timers. Sometimes they do go down when I'm not in the game and sometimes they do not go down. I started an activity with all my heroes (practicing ability) and waited them to start -> exited the game by pressing home button -> waited 30min -> opened the game -> timers are still full. Now I killed the game and seeing what happens after 30min of wait. Playing device: iPad2 and newest iOS.
  4. I truly enjoy the game and the humor. Is there any kind of push notifications? It would made sense when I left my heros to do some activity and I go away from the game it would notify me when they are ready. I have not run into any bigger problems, but it seems I have run out of office content. My manager is lvl 9 and I have upgraded all my rooms (six of them) to the max and all equipment to the max. Tough I still have some bosses to kill and heroes to upgrade (they all are lvl 7 atm).
  5. Hmm...those timers SHOULD go down when the player is not in the app. So if you set a hero to an activity, if you check back in the right amount of time, the activity should complete. There IS an issue where they need to START the activity before you can background the app. Hmmh. Might be that I just added them to do some activity and did not wait it for the start. But I have noticed this couple of times. Have to test again.
  6. Been playing now some hours (i'm at the fourth boss) 1. Game is quite easy and when looking on f2p side, there is not really need for use real money. (This game might be designed to give goodwill or snif F2P market than make money, but making successful F2P game you need to be little evil when designing the game) Tough coin copier is must buy, after that just swap superium to coins and grinding is lot of fun after that. 2. And the timers.. Some kind of server implementation would be killer so that the timers will go down even when player is not in the app.
  7. Texture packing is awfully low quality when zooming in and there is also some blinking when animations are playing (example: sleeping). You can also see black areas around the base level when taping the Middle Manager. Superheroes also walks under the bed at bedrooms. Otherwise I do enjoy the game. Started playing today when the app did come global.
  8. ID: sirhoksu (http://steamcommunity.com/id/sirhoksu/) Note: I can only play when I'm at work. I have mac at home =/
  9. This game prototype was awesome! Really digging the Monster Hunter type of gameplay. Killed the monster on my second try with fantastic named Beerzerker. Have to test multiplayer sometimes.
  10. Very good sidequest! And you have interesting past (also the present and future looks interesting) Anna. I truly like these interview sidequests.
  11. Free 2 Play is the future of gaming business. Those games do make money like maniacs if done well. It might not be everyones cup of tea but just look at iOS top grossing list. Almost every game on top 50 is f2p. (Two of them is from company I use to work for )
  12. I do love theme of the game. Awesome job there! Did you guys and gals find it much different to develop f2p game than traditional game?
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