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    Have you ever been rambling on about something and realized that you werent talking about anything at all? and then you feel bad because your listener realized it a long time ago and you made them wait and at least act interested in what you are talking about? I mean sure, youre an interesting guy (or girl), but sometimes what comes out of your face hole doesnt really add up to anything interesting or productive to the conversation. And when you START the conversation and you realize that the ot
  1. I really don't like this bro rape song. It's making me look bad
  2. I have an xbox 360, ps3, wii, ps2, a psp, and each of my sisters have a DS My movie was shown at a film festival as one of the best dramas submitted. It'll also be in the Stella artois stlouis showcase Wilfred is hilarious and you know it. Obviously, I love sweet tooth. Fashion won. I only have 1 season, I think
  3. Finally 1. I have 10 gaming systems at my house 2. I am an award winning filmmaker 3. I love the new FX show 'Wilfred' 4. I own all the South Park seasons on DvD 5. My favorite video game character is Sweet Tooth
  4. How about: I'm not gonna spank your spams I'm pretty sure spam isnt meat. I think its a plastic byproduct
  5. I will say, it's pretty lulzy when someone uses lololololololololololololololololol Arby and the chief, that was pretty funny
  6. I said I don't like using lol, and I forgot about the smilies
  7. Suddenly, Smileys everywhere! %-P :blank: :lol: :coolsmirk: :ohh: :smirk:
  8. I don't know why errbody be hatin on goblet of Fire. Every time I see a list, it's towards the bottom. I think it's in my top 3
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