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  1. I've resigned myself that it won't happen unless they greenlight BL2 and then they can do the licenses for both at once.
  2. So your argument is that instead of putting in merch to help promote a sequel that's two years away, they should put in merch for a sequel that, as far as we know, isn't happening at all? I didn't mean that to be an either/or argument, but I can see that I wasn't clear about that. I'm not knocking the idea of having the Psychonauts options, I think it's fun and should be there. I just think that Brutal Legend has a lot of other obvious tie ins - shirts, accessories, costumes, Eddie's guitar. Just asking for more ways to spend my money
  3. Great idea, but seriously, where's the Brutal Legend merch? I know it helps the marketing for Psychonauts 2, but that's gonna be a couple of years away, so this isn't directly helping promote the finished game.
  4. There were so many people on Sunset Saturday night - I've never seen that many metalheads down there. I grew up just after the last big era for the Sunset Strip so I always had to imagine what that felt like. I didn't attend the memorial service itself, but I made it to the Whisky for a Metal Allegiance show (David Ellefson, Mike Portnoy, Mark Menghi, Mark Osegueda, Alex Skolnick and Phil Demmel). They started playing a mix of covers (Electric Eye, Creeping Death, Heaven & Hell, Into the Void) and originals. Then the guests started showing up: Troy Sanders, Andreas Kisser (War for Territory!!!), John and Mike Tempesta, Dave Lombardo, Dino Cazares, Corey Taylor and Mikkey Dee of Motorhead! They closed with a set of Motorhead: Killed by Death, The Chase Is Better than the Catch, Overkill, Iron Fist, We Are the Road Crew, and of course Ace of Spades before bringing everybody back on stage to do Seek & Destroy. Fantastic night, check out youtube for streams of the show. There was even the obligatory Ron Jeremy sighting at the Rainbow to cap off the evening. There's only a handful of legends who could pack the streets like that, but hopefully there won't be a reprise any time soon.
  5. I've been tinkering with my Xbone to see how to do this, and I can't manage without having the permanent Snapped app feature, which reduces the available screen space for the game. It's really awkward and not at all intuitive like the 360's was. Hopefully a later update makes it possible. I don't know if game devs can have the game search the hard drive (or onedrive) and play without breaking away from the gameplay itself. I agree that would be the ideal way to keep the game immersive, but there is gonna have to be an included soundtrack of some amount of songs. An alternate way of funding more songs is to make DLC packs available. Maybe bundled with more Missions or Stage Battles, that could be a nice way to extend the game's lifespan. Taken really far, themed Stages tied to individual bands and including a pack of their music could be pretty awesome - A stage battle at the bottom of the ocean for Mastodon's Leviathan album for instance. Those bands will evocative artwork would be really well placed for that idea, but then you're licensing characters and artwork along with the music and that just might be too much work. Dammit.
  6. Has there been any updates on the status of the MC videos? I have been swamped lately and have missed a bunch of teamstreams, so if it's been addressed there I'm sorry for flogging this again.
  7. The Ruiner Whiskeybreath Knucklekiss Gravedigger The Hangman(-woman) Iron Tusk Deathprophet(-ess) Steelfang Stoneclaw Explosivo Golgotha Warrhymer Fisthammer Bombarder Shamancer(-ess) Foolsong Sea Lungs The Weird The Mountain The Hurricane The Horrorcane Locustswarm Cadence-bane Cadence-blight The Harvester The Reaper Death Knell The (random color/hair color/skin color/House color) King/Queen/Prince/Princess/Lady/Lord Sorrowrain Firestorm Acid Bath Bardbarossa Bardbarella Dawnblade Doomsday Killbelch Bladecatcher Sleeping Giant Obliviator Spectreblight Emberspark Witchwood Witchbomb Warpig The Inquisitor The Adjudicator Brigadier The Breacher Deathmocker Killing Joke The Underbite Wargrin Warchild The Rad The Gnarly The Bodacious The Bogus The Heinous The Triumphant The Excellent Wyld Stallyn Beerbatter The Zealot The Invoker The Purple Sage The Smiter Murdercrafter
  8. I would say that Steed could be that mix of familiar genre & gameplay with DF's trademark style meshed together quite naturally. I think it has the greatest possibility of attracting the widest audience of the other AF projects that have come to light. The others I see as either being more niche in their appeal and/or involving so much work that I could see DF having an easier time raising the necessary money for Psychonauts or Brutal 2. What they need more than anything are strong releases of Broken Age Pt. 2, Massive Chalice and Costume Quest 2.
  9. This topic has seen a couple of different threads started over the past year +. Here was the last thread where Paul from 2PP responded: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/10774/#314859
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