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  1. I, too, still have the exact same issue, -window or not, latest patch included. Logos, then black screen with music. Just like my very first post in this thread. My remote session offer remains open if someone would like to take a look on a system which definitely has the issue.
  2. Hi again hardworking Double Fine support: Glad to see others' problem(s) have improved; however, I'm still experiencing the issue described in my first post. You are welcome to coordinate a date/time to take a look at this directly on my machine (since you aren't having luck reproducing it in the lab), it happens every single time. Since the patch(es), I now get a window with the two logos, then a fullscreen black screen with music, with the buffer overwriting issue I took a screenshot of. Every single setting in Catalyst Control Center is set to defaults, no weird AA or AF settings are forced. Hitting alt-enter to go back into windowed mode continues to display a black window that is still interactable (I can hear the menu when I click things). Please advise. Thank you!
  3. Hello Double Fine support, I just purchased and installed the game from Steam as soon as I heard about the PC release. Yay! I'm having a crash-on-startup bug. Boo! Well, not _exactly_ a crash on startup, since the game loop appears to be running fine. The game appears to launch fine, changes the resolution, displays the Dragogen and Double Fine logos perfectly, then the music starts. The screen stays black at this point, though the Steam overlay prompt (in the bottom right) disappears in an odd way, leaving its remnants behind, like the framebuffer isn't getting cleared to black between paintings. (Screenshot attached, using Steam's screenshot feature) At this point I can't see anything or leave the game normally, so I hit ALT F4 to quit. I've rebooted as a general troubleshooting step, and disabled my second monitor to no avail. My system specs are: i7 2600k Biostar TZ68A+ Radeon 5770 1GB, Catalyst 11.9 Windows 7 64bit SP1 A DxDiag is attached. I see there are several likely memory dump files in the Costume Quest directory, so I'm attaching those as well. Let me know what else you'd like me to try, or if there are any other logs I can grab. Thank you! EDIT: forum eats my upload, eh? grab from dropbox instead: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10320918/costume_quest.zip
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