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  1. About 30 tries, see no pattern, I don't know if there is some weird mapping error combined with this. Giving up this angle, cannot get the game to start again.
  2. OK, These screens are really difficult to get to as well. The arrow keys seem to make double jump noises every time I press them. Enter does not always work. Down arrow has started the game once instead of enter. Most of the time I end up crashing the game. After I finally got the game started again in what seemed like the main story mode the arrow keys stopped working for me for directional movement after a minute or so.
  3. Note, I tried these combinations once I came up to the full black screen with audio after the title screens.
  4. OK, A few things here. The ALT+ENTER does not change anything. However, I tried combinations of the up/down arrow and then enter key. At one point I got to a Steam Achieve page which I could from, meaning return to the same black screen. I also got the game to actually play twice. One time it started in a family home and I could pick between I suppose a brother sister in similar dress. A different time (I kept restarting to find patterns) I began in a snowy area with a girl who disapears and then I could choose between two boys in different costumes (knight and space guy?). Each mode ran fine with ALT+ENTER or full screen. After Exiting the program and closing Steam I could not restart the game without rebooting the computer without getting the call stack error, which would come up without starting the game at all. While playing I tried to hit ESC to move to a game screen for controls, etc, and it froze play, I still had sound. I tried the upd/down arrow trick and could only exit the game blindly.
  5. Tried it with the patch. Still does not work. Black screen for about 12 seconds, then two titles screens, then a black screen where I can hear the theme music and keystrokes elicit a noise I assume is a menu selection, but that is all.
  6. I have the exact same problem, please help! i5 2.30 GHZ 8gb RAM Windows 7 64 Bit SP1 Radeon 6490m
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