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    Hey Tim!

    I wish you were here right now, so I could hug you.
  2. I also noticed a few graphical glitches not related to the lamprey. This crazy glitch Another And I also noticed that while standing still for a small amount of time, your avatar can't move. I'm using a Logitech F710 wireless controller in Xbox mode and while I can break the bug by flying, while on the ground he simply won't move.
  3. I'm noticing the same thing as Ducttape. It launches in windowed mode now, but I'm noticing that WHEN the game does work, it switches the resolution from 1280x720 to 1920x1080. It launches the game in windowed mode, goes through the logos up to the DoubleFine logo, then minimizes and loads up fullscreen the main menu of the game. When I get the callstack error, it's during the resolution switch.
  4. My game loads up, gets to the doublefine logo, then pops me out to desktop with a tiny window that just says "callstack" i7 2600k 16GB RAM Radeon 5870 Windows 7 64bit
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