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  1. Just downloaded the new update and the updated icon looks great! Thanks for fixing it, makes a near-perfect port into a perfect one
  2. Hi all, I was stoked to find Grim Fandango Remastered had gone up by surprise on the Nintendo eShop today and went ahead and bought it right away. Unfortunately, as I started to download I was greeted by a textless icon of Manny's head. Just thought it would be good if it be fixed it up to be something more like the PSN icon, which has gorgeous art and a clear title, as opposed to looking like a mobile phone app. Switch icon: PSN icon:
  3. I think I'll probably feel better about Mnemonic in full game form, since I've found the prototype frustrating. Agreed on the skyline puzzle, that's absolute genius, but unfortunately it won't work for me, no matter where I stand or how I line it up Anyhow, Mnemonic's great and I think it'd be a good change of pace for DF. Overall, though, I think Steed would be the best product for the company in the end. It's a perfect mix for DF's aesthetics and humour, is actually really fun and unique (I don't know why people think it's derivative), and really needs to be fleshed out. The team nailed the feeling of playing as a horse, not the rider, and I'd really love for the horse combat to be fleshed out, and for the multiple riders to be added in, that was my favourite feature of the pitch. DF has proved they can rock and open-world with BL, I'd adore a storybook set world with some twists where I can gallop around and pick up heroes to finish quests, with main missions involving Twig taking on those characteristics to uncover the mysteries mentioned in the pitch.
  4. Scope-wise it'd be almost impossible to put random maps in that didn't completely ruin the game by blocking you in, creating crappy alleys, and so on and so forth. One of the biggest problems with random maps is the increase in graphics technology. To put it simply, randomised maps look like butts. Now, when all graphics looked like butts it didn't really matter, you could just get the engine to plop down some tiles and it'd look pretty close to a handmade one. Unfortunately, modern 3D graphics require quite a bit of work to make them look good (see OP), so randomising them would make them look terrible and make them arguably less fun or even broken to play. In theory, I would LOVE randomised maps, but seeing a massive write-up about the troubles Jake Solomon had (with infinitely more budget), as well as what the team themselves have said on the issue, I understand that this will probably give us the best game in the end. EDIT: For some reason, I thought this was a separate thread about random maps, not about environment quality. I really need to go to bed...
  5. I'm only 2 hours into Act 1 so far, but I am loving every second of it. The adventure game genre matches the humour and style of the Double Fine team so incredibly well, and it's a joy to behold. I'm currently 3/4 of the way through yet another playthrough of Grim Fandango, and it's wonderful to get nostalgic whiffs of the glory days of adventure games, combined with a gorgeously unique art style and brilliant sound design. Thank you, Tim, and to the whole team, including 2PP, I cannot wait to play the game in its entirety, and finish the last documentary episode. Best spent $30 of my entire life
  6. Bloody hell I debated internally whether or not that was intentional for a good 10 minutes before I decided! Now I'm just embarrassed...
  7. Hi all, really enjoying the game so far, only noticed one major glitch: For some reason, Marek has absolutely no mouth animations. This includes all his appearances in Shay's opening section, up to and including escaping Shay's room and him informing Shay of the war. I'll also send through an email containing my DxDiag and savefile. Thanks for the awesome game, it's surprisingly polished and I'm very impressed so far
  8. I think the main idea is that Double Fine, since they're running multiple projects at a time, only has a certain amount of money per project. For Massive Chalice, that's the money that we provided through Kickstarter, which doesn't amount to much. While yes, they could pump more money into the game, I think it would be unlikely, and not the best financial management. As it stands, the customisation system is looking to have: - Many different hairstyles, including multiple parts that interact to give even more variations - Hair colours, which should be super easy to put in, but hopefully they'll also code them to be inheritable - Facial hair - House sigils, although the exact details of these is unknown at the moment, I'm assuming they'll be detailed drawings plastered on shields, armour, etc. - Coloured equipment for houses, meaning you'll be able to see on the battlefield exactly who is who Although all of those should be pretty light on the budget side, I'm genuinely impressed with just how much different hairstyles change the look of each solider. Yes, it'd be cool if there were different models, but considering how miniscule the budget is, I think the team's come up with some pretty great ideas. Who knows, though? This discussion might come up with one of those awesome 'Low Cost-High Impact' ideas that Brad loves
  9. I don't think the team's going to be able to afford putting in any more creatures. To be honest, 1 more in the corrosion family (to round it out to 2 each) would make me a super happy camper, but I also don't mind running with 7. The team's obviously put a lot of thought into each creature being entirely unique, and their discussions made me feel pretty good about what's planned so far. Also, any comparisons to XCOM on the quantity side feel off to me. Fair enough stylistically, but XCOM would've had at least 50 times the budget of MC, and that's a super conservative estimate. I'd be happy with 7 or 8, as long as the team delivers on the pretty awesome variation that has been discussed so far
  10. From all the information I've seen, these videos won't be released progressively throughout development, but they'll just release them after they're all done.
  11. My best mate's the one doing programming, so I'll have to ask him if I want to understand any of this, but those pictures at the top look awesome! Obviously the team would be aiming to get a more handcrafted feel to the maps, but I'm just wondering if it would be possible to have both options? What I mean is that the team use advanced methods of putting together maps, but a tool in this vein be integrated and released to the community? Issues I can already see with that could be the extra programming to get that in place and a large drop in quality from DF maps to community maps. Then again, I'm always astounded by what other people can put together with the simplest of tools, so I could be pleasantly surprised. btw, Bent, this is ridiculously cool. It'd be awesome to have some sort of talent that could be as useful to the game as this, imagine getting the finished product and seeing an idea that you created make it in!
  12. I think the biggest problem with all of your ideas are that they sound pretty time-consuming and expensive to program. A class system that also allows for interesting hybrids allows for enough complexity to get a decent number of wildly different classes in, without blowing the scope wide open in order to create a balanced and easy-to-understand classless system. You talked a lot about the current system being too complex, but I actually find it to be a lot simpler to understand than what you're suggesting. They way I see it, each house has a class, therefore you know (generally) what you're getting, and can then pick the secondary class. This leads to simple and easy to track decisions regarding classes and skills. I completely agree on relics, however I think attaching active skills to them would require far too much in the way of bespoke programming and assets. As passive buffs, I'm completely on board, as this would allow for a cheaper solution to the fact many are calling for actual items (again, budget permitting). I think that some of our other points have already been covered, though. In terms of distinguishing factors, the team is definitely working on a 'perks and quirks' style system to make sure each character feel unique. Not sure if you've played Rogue Legacy, but it sounds quite like a slightly less zany version of that genetic system, and actually sounds rather cool. I don't like the idea of losing experience for individual warriors. Levels provide the best way to 'feel' individual character's progression throughout the game. I hate the idea of starting with a young warrior, just out of his keep, who learns nothing until he dies, taking everything from just his sword. I like the idea that the team has proposed that, as the game progresses, each successive generation starts at a slightly higher level, allowing your house to progress, while still maintaining that individual progression from inexperienced youth to an experienced soldier. You definitely raise some good points, and it's great to see some discussion of criticism for the directions the game's going in right now, as far as I'm concerned it can only lead to a better end product
  13. Ooh, a reply from Brad! Got the tingles, it's like meeting a celebrity Thanks for responding, I'd never even considered the issues of retirement that come with the game's bloodline system, that would be hard to balance. If it was made that only heroes dying powered it, then that would lead to purposeful deaths of heroes, and other 'gamey' things. Sort of reminds me of Fire Emblem: Awakening; I absolutely adore that game, but in order to make characters powerful you have to reclass them, grind up, then make them into a master class. It just doesn't flow well, and I ended up not using some of my favourite characters for a bit because I didn't have enough reclassing items (second seals). I'm sure crazy min/maxing suits some people, but having the game flow well is more important to me. As long as the pip system is represented in a visually and lorelly (don't know the corresponding word for lore?) interesting way, that should go a long way to making the loss of specific weapons not matter so much. Upgrading skills to an awesome extent via relics and having your ancestral spirits flow behind you, as in the first concept art for the game, would be super awesome. Also can't wait to see how those polish-inspired thingies on people's backs turn out. Bring on the next Teamstream!
  14. In regards to relics being in weapon form, I think the biggest issue with that is trying to scope for it in the limited budget. To get around that, maybe it would be a good idea to have the death of the very first hero (or first acclaimed hero, since people might retire them immediately) give you your 'super relic' for that bloodline? Since this first hero also establishes the class of the bloodline, this would allow the team to have only a few items for each class, one of which is randomly given to that bloodline (along with a cool, randomised name) on its first acclaimed hero's death. Throughout the game, this item could gradually increase in power with each death of subsequent acclaimed wielders, all contributing their 'blood' for stat boosts so that it scales well into the endgame. That way, you could have the awesome flavour of a special item, without trying to design something that's way outside the scope of the project. Also, I think it compliments the gem system well, since that system is based entirely around the bloodline flowing through your heroes and this system follows that same principle, especially since these items improve with each successive heroic death, chanelling that energy into the current wielder.
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