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  1. That works for me too, even if I already had updated DirectX from the beginning. But the essential is that now my wife is happy, so thank you ;-)
  2. Hi there, I still have a black screen after the 2 logos, only the full screen launch is different. In windowed mode with the start option it is exactly the same as before, with the callstack error when i quit. Hope you'll find an answer to this problem soon. Julien.
  3. Hello! It still doesn't work here: black screen with the game playing behind, and it runs windowed since this afternoon (nothing written in the start option of steam, alt+enter does not change anything, It should come from the new initialization code). Any idea please? I was thinking about the graphic card of this laptop: the latest VAIO drivers for Radeon HD 4570 are installed (I can only use sony drivers, AMD/ATI drivers are refused), do you know if the problem could come from that? Thanks for your help! Julien.
  4. Correction: I have some sound during the black screen, and it goes windowed by itself after a few minutes but still black. No change with the XP SP3 compatibility mode.
  5. Hi, today it changed for me: windows asked me to update C++ 2005 redistributable (now v8.0.61001, not written "x64" as the previous C++ 2005 is), now I can't see no more callstack window but after the DoubleFine logo when it usually shut down the screen goes and still black. No sound. More about my specs : french Windows 7 x64, steam is installed on another diskpart, and the CQ icon on desktop is empty. Have a good day, hope you'll correct this problem soon... Now she has seen the screenshots my wife really wants to play her new game :-)
  6. Hello! Same as Hevyd here, My display driver has been updated, directx and VB C++ that come with the game have been installed, game downloaded by steam many times, no change. Everything worked on our other laptop at first install. I tried to read the mdmp files created at each crash but can't see anything special. The window "callstack" is empty. Any idea please? hardware: Sony Vaio VGN-NW21EF ATI radeon HD 4570 4 GB RAM pentium dual core T4300 Windows 7 64bit
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