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  1. Thanks, Snufkin! Did not know that. Even better, this appear to have fixed my black screen/Callstack issue! Launched the game 5 or 6 times since doing this - all have been successful thus far! Now I just have to get time to sit and play.
  2. Mostly, although I tried CQ on my Vista 32-bit PC, and it has the exact same problem. So that's not the entirety of it. Unfortunately you need Windows 7 Ultimate or Professional for XP Compatibility mode, so that doesn't help those of us on Win7 Home Premium (which is probably the majority). Perhaps that gives some insight to the devs as to what's actually happening though. Still a good find!
  3. If I ALT+ENTER after the screen goes black, it just opens a window that is entirely black. Music still plays, keystrokes still produce audible sounds, but still can't see anything. It's just windowed blackness instead of fullscreen blackness. A couple days ago I tried setting my display resolution to a bunch of different resolutions before launching the game, but nothing changed the outcome. My default resolution is 1920x1080, if that matters. Installed Catalyst Control Center and tried various combinations of Anti-aliasing on/off, Anisotropic filtering on/off, Adaptive Anti-Aliasing on/off, etc. Basically toggled every feature I could find on/off to see if there was a magic key that made it work. Even downloaded the specific driver for my monitor. Nothing thus far has changed the outcome.
  4. Just for clarity, Steam should automatically download and apply the update for us, yes? I ask because when there is an update for a game in my Steam library I usually visibly see the download activity on the Steam icon in the system tray, but I have not seen any for CQ, nor is there anything listed in the Update History for CQ on its Steam page. Regardless, I just removed the local install of CQ from within Steam and re-downloaded it. Still does not work for me. I did not see the Callstack error window appear this time when I killed the process, but otherwise the behavior is unchanged. Launch CQ, then two logo screens, then screen goes black indefinitely until I alt-tab out and kill it. Still hear the music playing and as another poster mentioned I do hear audible cues for my keystrokes, so I think the game is "running", just not visibly on the screen.
  5. Just another to say I have the "Callstack" bug also. After launching CQ I see the Dracogen and Double Fine logo screens, then the screen goes black and stays that way (though I do hear the music playing). Have to alt-tab out to desktop to kill CQ, and after I close it I get the empty error window that says "Callstack" at the top. FWIW, here are my system specs: Intel i5-2500K CPU 3.3 GHz (slight overclock; P67 chipset mobo) 8 GB DDR3 RAM ATI Radeon HD 4850 video card (running latest drivers from AMD.com as of yesterday) SeaSonic power supply 520W Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit 'DXDIAG' says I have DirectX 11, and am using ATI video driver version 8.892.0.0 I'd be glad to give any other system info that might help, just ask. ADDENDUM: Just to be able to play CQ, I installed Steam client and installed CQ on my second computer, which is a Home Theater PC. Completely different specs (hardware about 3 years old): Athlon64 X2 4800+ CPU 4 GB RAM ATI Radeon HD 2650 Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit. Exact same result as my primary PC. Black screen and "Callstack" error. Pretty different hardware between my two machines, though both do have Radeon HD vid card. I've tried changing to an array of resolutions and color depths to see if it works with some combination, but it does not seem to be resolution-dependent on my two systems, as best I can tell. Callstack error 100% of the time. I have a year-old (or so) laptop as well, I might try installing on that just to see if it's different. FWIW, I like the music. LOL. ADDENDUM II: Exact same behavior on my laptop. Three computers, none that will play CQ. Laptop specs, FWIW: Intel Celeron 900 CPU 2.2 GHz 4 GB RAM Mobile Intel 4 Series chipset graphics Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Hope you guys can get this sorted. Kinda bummed. :-/
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