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  1. Ah. New settings. Nice.
  2. Hello fellow Iron Brigade players, My friends and I noticed a Steam patch to Iron Brigade was pushed in the middle of us playing today. This definitely wasn't the Steamworks patch from the 27th, because we played a lot that day. Does anyone know what was changed in this patch? We don't see any differences. Are there any patch notes?
  3. Store looks great. Found a really minor display issue. If you select Fun Stuff | Double Fine Coffee Mug, then on the top nav bar the "DF Gear" link appears to be the wrong colour, or at least a different colour than everywhere else. Keep up the great work!
  4. I've disabled my compatibility settings, and had four or five start-ups without any issues. Thanks!
  5. Sorry. Spoke too soon. "Run as Administrator" worked once, then gave me call stack errors again. Fortunately, "Compatibility mode for Windows XP Service Pack 3" is still working. Edit: And now I can't it to run with any combination of settings. It seems to be intermittent for me. Failing most of the time, but succeeding around 1/10th of the time. Very strange.
  6. This is exactly what I did to get mine working. I have the license for full XP Emulation, but I haven't installed it yet. It takes a whole XP-install's worth of disk space. Just did some more tests, and it appears "Run as Administrator" is all I really need. XP compatibility mode must give you this for free.
  7. Also having the "Call Stack" bug: Game starts, see the two logo screens, game drops to window with a dialog named "Call Stack" and no message, program closes when dialog is closed. No steps to reproduce other than to open the game. Notably, most people posting with this problem seem to be running Win7 64-bit, as am I. Fortunately(!) I was able to get Costume Quest running by going into Windows compatibility and selecting "Compatibility mode: Windows XP Service Pack 3" Now when I start CQ it asks me to confirm some security permissions, and runs just fine!
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