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  1. Dropchord - Android Discussion

    Yes, there was a subtle issue that caused a problem on the Google Play version (locally deployed builds were fine ). Anyway, that's been resolved now and the version that's available now should start and play just fine.
  2. Costume Quest Crashing [MAC]

    Duuuude! Im excited. Did you update both Steam and HiB? EDIT: Wait, I haven't had coffee yet... _I'm_ going to update. EDIT: Hours later, I can report it works! Thank you No prob! For folks w/ HD 3000 on 10.7.5, we're still grinding through this. Dan or I will post more here if/when I find a good solution.
  3. Mac Graphic Issues

    FYI that I now have a Macbook air w/ an HD 3000 and 10.7.5. I can repro a very similar visual artifact on CQ. There's an issue with the depth buffer produced by the z-prepass. It's definitely driver related as the games look fine on the same hardware w/ 10.8.3, but I'm doing what I can to see if I can figure out a workaround. It's very slow going, but I still hold out hope...
  4. Costume Quest Crashing [MAC]

    Betafrogg, you should update to the latest point release for Mountain Lion. The bug you're having should have been fixed in 10.8.3 (and hopefully still fixed in 10.8.4).
  5. Are you running it in Win95 compatability mode? If not, do so and it should fix you up.
  6. Thanks for the bug report. Looks like somehow the Linux version on Steam wasn't updated properly. We're in the process of fixing and testing that.
  7. audio clipping on ps3

    Hi, Jason. We'll let our audio peeps know, but that audio is baked into the package in a pretty weird way (due to how the PS3 does that stuff). I'm not even sure if it's patchable. It probably is, but we've never tried before
  8. Mac Graphic Issues

    Well, crap. Looks like the depth buffer diver bug is still alive. I'll have to fully downgrade one of our Macs to investigate this. I'll keep you posted, but probably will take another week or so to resolve as I'm helping out other projects at the moment.
  9. Mac Graphic Issues

    Can you post your system specs (especially OS and GPU version)? Also, try going into the game's visual options and disable features like SSAO, Shadows, etc. Let me know if disabling any particular feature fixes these depth buffer issues for you.
  10. Mac Graphic Issues

    Steam versions auto-update, but HiB must be manually redownloaded.
  11. Costume Quest Crashing [MAC]

    Can you post your system specs here? Are you also running 10.7.5 on system with an HD 3000 GPU?
  12. Mac Graphic Issues

    This should be fixed in the Steam versions. HiB versions are supposed to be updated this week (we're sending them fixed builds now), but I'm not sure on the exact timing.
  13. Game window minimizing at random

    I have no idea what's causing that but I suspect you have some sort of background process that's running and forcing itself into the foreground. Maybe a chat application? Or anti-virus/malware scanner? Or something?
  14. Autonomous menus

    Can you tell us what hardware you're running on, specifically what CPU, GPU, and what display? Are you by any chance playing on a TV connected through HDMI? -Nathan
  15. Slowing down the text

    You can't slow it down, but many cutscenes can be paused and upaused to work around this issue.