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  1. Still having the black title menu bug. The patch did change it so that it starts in windowed mode for the company logos and then switches to full screen for the black screen.
  2. Bought Costume Quest for my wife (although I plan on playing it sometime as well) and she's running into the "Can't see the title screen" bug that many people have gotten. Do we have any sort of ETA on when that might be fixed? Strongly considering asking Steam for a refund if it doesn't get fixed soon. Her system specs are on the low side but higher than the minimum requirements - Windows 7, 4 GB RAM, dual-core @ 2.2GHz, and an Intel integrated video card. I was able to get the game to start once by messing around with the keyboard on the black screen, but that's a stop gap measure at best. I noticed that Steam has me listed as playing the game for 13 hours so I'm thinking the processes didn't all shut down after I tried to get it to run.
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