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    My college education is on hold right now until I earn enough money to go. I want to major in animation. There is no greater feeling than to see your characters "living" on a screen (instead of in your head). My favorite games include the Megaman Legends series, Playstation 1 era Resident Evil games, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, the classic Sonic the Hedgehog games, Mr. Driller, the old Harvest Moon games, Gunstar Heroes, Sam and Max, and Psychonauts!
  1. ::looks at Twil's costume:: ...Well, that was a great costume contest. See you all next year! I won't participate since I was in the news feed before. I'm hoping to see an Ophelia costume... ...or better yet... a two-headed baby costume!
  2. Hence why I shouldn't have read the other topic and decided to post in this one instead. I love you Double Fine! Bunches and bunches! ::uncharacteristically mushy for some reason::
  3. I've come to the party late (as usual) and I don't know which topic to post in about this censoring request (since there seems to be two topics about it). As I was watching people play the demo at Comic-Con (with me in my Razputin costume... too bad nobody seemed to recognize me), there are a few f-bombs from the short time I watched. Ehh, I'm fine with mild cursing. I'm okay with occasional heavy cursing. But if it's going to be in every cutscene, I'm not sure if I want to play the game all the time. I already have a bad mouth already because of Sam and Max. ;P I would like a language filter of some kind (hopefully humorous or with a hard rock related sound). Maybe it could be a game add-on for download (I'm willing to pay for it) on XBL Marketplace whenever Double Fine has time to code it? Don't get me wrong. I'm definitely going to buy the game on launch and play it. It would just be a convenience and replayability wouldn't be a hard choice for me if I did have to option to censor the cursing. I understand it may sound stupid asking such a request for a game like this (especially since I have no problem with the violence and blood I saw in the demo). I could understand and appreciate cursing at certain points of events. It's just my two cents from what I saw in the demo. ::shrugs::
  4. Wouldn't it be cheating? Getting credit for something you didn't master yet? I mean, really, what would happen if one of the counselors finds out?
  5. I sure hope so. Hell more likely, 'cause that's where all the people who play violent video games go, right? [/sarcasm] I have the feeling they would only have a Sega Pico or something. It is Hell after all... I'm so glad I'm past the age I have to worry about ESRB ratings. ...wait. I never really paid much attention to them when I was a kid anyways. ^^; I was pretty responsible back then. Off topic: Cinsev, I love your avatar!
  6. I guess this is one reason why I should watch more TV. What a crazy catch! ^^;
  7. Nope. I still don't have it. Amazon canceled my order because now they marked the item "out of print". Huh...
  8. Breakman


    Buy an used Xbox or PS2 ($50~90). That's all I can suggest. ^^;
  9. I finally got all the unlockables. ^^ That was probably the best time spent playing a flash game. Heck, probably any game I've played in the past few months. I love the music and scenario. Is there any way to get the music (namely Level 4 and 5's) so I could have it on my cell phone? My favorite unlockable is the 'giant crazed tasha'. So uncharacteristic (to her usual mellow self) and funny. ^^
  10. Whelp... I just got a message from Amazon saying they still don't have the book and asking me to "approve the delay". It seems like Amazon will keep waiting for a word from the publisher... ._.; Odd. Very odd indeed...
  11. Seriously. We need to make that happen. X-] I am planning on going again next year (but this time for the whole 4 days), so you can count on me to be there.
  12. You Are My Own Creation I Command You to Shake My Hand I'm this person. I kinda "upgraded" my costume since then. I now have a backpack, but without any merit badges. I took the costume to Comic Con and Mr Campbell drew this for me (so excellent) : "It's a new bag." ...One of these days I'll post updated photos of my costume in the Fan Art forum... One of these days...
  13. I loved the level, difficulty and all. I'm one of the few gamers who actually like escort missions. Sure, the spiraling net part was hard, but I overcomed it by my cheating ways: jumping and walking on the narrow parts on top of the nets. It was later on I learned that I was suppose to be climbing and side jumping them. I still like my way better. ^^; I love the ladder part. I wasn't expecting that!
  14. Whoa. Yes, this is probably the weirdest cosplay, but it is weird in a cool way! You riding that mini carousel is full of win. Great job. B)
  15. I checked YouTube, but no avail. I would bet it will show up someday... I guess I didn't need to ask you to take pictures since you both were so popular! XP As I said on the main page, you guys did a great job. I wish I did go just to see your costumes...
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