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  1. Unless I am mistaken, it was for those who pledged $100 or more.
  2. That's the hope, eventually! Once we've done an open-source release, it should be fair game. Fantastic.
  3. I'm wondering, will it be possible for people in the community to make their own adventure games using the Reds engine?
  4. What I'd like is an understanding of relative exclusivity within the community, but an actual NDA seems excessive. Theres 87,142 of us; stuff is going to leak out to the wider community no matter what. I think open discussion is fine and in fact, to the project's benefit. It would be great to see tech blogs like Kotaku etc. doing summaries every month or so for the wider community (and I'm sure many of the backers will want to talk about the project on their own blogs or social networking sites). This is okay because backers still get exclusive access to the actual game (and videos) during development, as well as the privilege of influencing the game's direction (we are your investors, after all).
  5. Even if the game is horrible (I think this is unlikely; it might not be mindblowing, but I doubt it will be horrible), being part of the process, to me personally, is worth the amount I paid. I'm here for the journey *and* the destination.
  6. It's pretty unusual to see software licensed under Creative Commons as it wasn't really created for that purpose (and copyright law is often written or interpreted differently for software). As for being open source, it seems unlikely. But if a large enough group of backers asked for it, I suppose anything can happen.
  7. I take it you've actually handed the brains in?I imagine it's more of a Psychonauts issue than Steam (i.e., DoubleFine's implementation of the Steam API). I noticed during my achievemnts run-through that some of them didn't unlock the first time I tried. Play through it again and you'll probably get the ones the game didn't pick up (I have all of them now, so they can certainly be obtained).
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