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  1. I have the same issues - where the intro screens work ok, but when the "Main Menu" should appear I get a black screen (with the wierd remains of the Steam Community Alt + Tab notification window trying to go away and failing). The music plays - and it sounds cool btw - and nothing appears to happen. If I press cursor_down there is a short >clack< sound, sort of like a click, but not quite. If I press cursor_down and then press enter I get more >clack< sounds. I have once managed to get the game launched in this "blind" way - and the graphical intro (where you control Mother's arm to pick boy or girl) worked great visually, but all of the "speaking" audio was just strings of >clacks< - not one single sound came out as anything other than a >clack<. Eventually I got on to the game, and could walk around a street picking up candy. So.... Is it an audio problem that's the cause? Using Windows XP Pro, Service Pack 3. nVidia graphics card on board sound
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