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    I'm a guy who like video games alot. Also, ALL HAIL THE GREAT AND WONDERFUL SHAFER!!! May he live to see a thousand years!
  1. I'm a younger gamer, so my parents only just let me play M games a few months ago. I was more into videogames than any of my friends, but not to far in the past most of them had played games like halo and half-life while I couldn’t, and this drove me completely crazy. but the game I could play was psychonauts, which to me was and still is the closest videogames have come to perfection. later, when I could finely play the M games I had wanted for so long, I realized that none of them where as amazing as the wonderful T rated psychonauts. because of this, the idea of Schafer’s next game not only being M rated, but ultra-gory, causes me no little amount depression. psychonauts was and is the best game I’ve ever played, but if Brutal Legend (my keyboard can't do the two dots above the U) doesn't have to option of turning the blood off, I may not pick it up at all. and if I do that, I think there’s a good chance I'll give up gaming altogether.
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viking_metal
  3. Eric Worpaul (might be misspelled), who did the writing for psychonauts with Tim Schafer did the writing for portal, which is in the orange box. just fyi. you probably already knew that.
  4. "what is brutal legend?" "okay, imagine, if you will, heavy metal. now, imagine Vikings. now, put them together." "oh..." " you have it?" "this is going to be the best game ever..." "yes"
  5. dude...that is so awesome that it cannot be put into words by anyone with less than shakespeareain writing skills...
  6. even if there is original music for the game, it will still be metal. probibly anyway. It would be awesome if Dio, Tenacious D, Black Sabbath, and Motorhead all wrote original tracks just for the game.
  7. once, I broke a nice girls science fair volcano by accident and had to say sorry about two dozen times. that was about ten years ago. I hope shes not still mad.
  8. whats wrong with pyramids anyway? I think pyramids are cool...
  9. actually, I was making an intentionally dumb insult in an attempt to be funny.
  10. I think the girl's name is Ophelia, like from shakespeare. said it in gameinformer.
  11. I see you cheated when it came time to take the "wit" test to register for the forums... when it come to something as important as Tim Schafers next game, you don't joke around.
  12. DUDE! Tim Schafer just posted! we love you mighty schafer-cow! it would be cool to have a pc version, but I think I would get it on the 360. better controls.
  13. I could live with that. I have younger siblings who are DIFFENETLY not old enough to play M games, but are big fans of psychonauts and would not hesitate to kill anyone that got between them and Schafer's next game. yeah but i think il stick to good ol fashion BLOOD. you're psycho. wait, that doesn't work as an insult, it your name. um....ugly. yeah. you're ugly. ha ha. so there.
  14. guys, this is more than personal preference to one console, more than a matter of money. this is about whats truly important in gaming; Tim Schafer, the single greatest mind in the industry is making what may be his greatest game ever. THE greatest game ever. you can't let anything get in the way of that. not money, not the fact that you don't think you'd like to play one single other 360 game other than Brutal Legend, not the fact that you think, and are not unjustified by thinking, that consoles are for chumps. this is more than that. this is Tim Schafer. never forget that.
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