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  1. Same sex marriage, infertility and adoption

    I think a better way of doing the same-sex marriage thing would be to go the "everyone is bi" route and having any two people be marriageable regardless of sex. It simplifies the simulation aspect a fair bit and gives people the freedom to play (and ship) their heroes whichever way they want. Having characters assigned a sexuality at birth feels like it would give way to some rather depressing scenarios such as homosexual characters being forced into heterosexual marriages (or if that can't happen, preventing the player from forming a desirable marriage due to the raw capriciousness of the dice) or being FOREVER ALONE because no other gay people were born in their generation. That sort of thing is at home in the grim dark world of Crusader Kings, but I'm getting the feeling that Massive Chalice is aiming to be a bit more lighthearted. I do like the adoption idea for those who can't bear children, although an interesting way to take it would be to allow them to raise the children of your other heroes, either freely (see: Crusader Kings' education system) or when the parents cannot (due to death, or perhaps being recalled to the field of battle).
  2. Dynasty Management Games (CK2)

    I pretty much immediately thought of Crusader Kings II as well. Though I think Massive Chalice could do without the grittier realities of it. As thrilling as it is to murder a dozen little girls to secure the Crown of Andalusia (with the assistance of a cheerfully amoral Regent), that's not quite what I expect from Massive Chalice. CKII is also notoriously capricious. I don't think Massive Chalice would benefit from having your best heroes suddenly die of tuberculosis just before a major battle.
  3. - The band is playing an important show. You are inside their instruments. - Everybody in the city is sad and their tears have formed a river. - Something to do with the Algonquins. - A giant desk cluttered with discarded mugs. - The Farmer's Market - In the back of the parking lot outside of the bar / twenty deep, twenty feet from the boulevard
  4. The biggest toolshed. Junk, generators, sawhorses. Lovingly shined wood and metalwork projects just feet away from long neglected corners filled with thick cobwebs and the corpses of insects and small mammals. A birdhouse nobody's needed or wanted to use for years. Large squirrels incapable of compassion. Or just rehash Donkey Kong Country 2's hive archetype because that was awesome and I don't think it's been done since.
  5. I do the same thing, but with giant art sketchbooks. Lined paper is too restrictive, man. It closes off your mind and junk. I should get into the morning ideastorming routine once I can afford a routine again.
  6. Obviously all this stuff about how "the characters aren't decided yet" is a smokescreen. I am looking forward to Lumberjack: The Lumberjack Adventure: Starring Lumberjack. Or maybe he's a hipster w/e.