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  1. I can't offer any insight as I had the answers to begin with. Though I bet had I not known I probably would've confused you and Milkman for the Alice and Unperson accounts respectively. I am curious though as to how you figured out my true identity?
  2. Being the only one who guessed correctly who I really am, don't you want to reveal the secret? Sure, Wak! Oh! I thought it was the other forum member with over 14,000 posts since 2007. :-)
  3. Before I announce the winner, just a quick note on scoring: *There were 7 players (6 contestants + myself) and their 7 alternate accounts giving a total possible score of 7 points for the guesses (1 point for every correct match). *Only 5 of the players (4 contestants + myself) completed the first Challenge, so only the 4 contestants were eligible to win and submitted guesses. *All of these 5 players did the second challenge and so each earned 3 points from this. *Of the 4 guess submissions, only 1 contestant was able to correctly guess who I really was, thus winning Challenge 3 worth 2 points. *So the total possible score was 12 points (7 + 3 + 2). So without further ado, the winner of the DF Avatar Costume Contest is: Let the unmasking begin!
  4. Updates in the first post! http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5078/ Results from the scoring will be announced soon..
  5. That's +3 points to Unperson. I was going to guess that the couple was going to wake up as frozen dolls! I've also made updates in the opening post: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5078
  6. All this Halloween art is fantastic, everyone! +3 points to the following contestants: psychomascot666 Féline Noire The Phantom of DF Alice Hope to see some from the others too!
  7. This is great, everyone! Just have left to hear from: Ulysses Barkzombie Thriller I posted a new challenge on the first post: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5078 Don't worry, it'll probably be the last. If there needs to be a tiebreaker I'll come up with something just between the players that tie.
  8. Alrighty! Contest has begun! See the rules on the first thread post: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5078
  9. Please don't go! We are trying to get more people to play! Also for those of you who have not sent me a PM yet, please do soon!
  10. C'mon, all you Double Fine Forum peeps! Just need a few more people to get this party started!
  11. Unmasking Party: And the winner is... --- HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (Monday, October 31, 2011) First, thanks to everyone who played! I would have like to have gotten more players, but it's my fault I made the announcement so late. If we ever do this again, I'll be sure to post it earlier. Hopefully, we can get the entire Double Fine Forum community in on this! Second, great job to all the players that took on the second challenge and posted their original art! Third, we never saw a post from either Ulysses Barkzombie or Thriller to the First Challenge which puts everyone else at a disadvantage in guessing who they are. The deadline was last night, but I still have not seen a post or received a PM from either of them. I hate to do this, but for that reason they won't be eligible to win (although their slots will still count for all the other players that are trying to guess who they are). Got to be in it to win it. For everyone else, I have received your guesses. Please PM me and let me know if those guesses are your final answers. Be sure to include your guess for CHALLENGE 3: which forum member I am. If I hear back from everyone before midnight tonight, I'll announce the winners (or ties) early. Otherwise, I'll just announce them tomorrow! -Queen of Halloween ---- (Sunday, October 30, 2011) Just an update that we still don't have a reply to the first challenge from the following players: Ulysses Barkzombie Thriller These players will need to post a reply to the questions in the first challenge before Monday, Oct 31 (Halloween) in order for their guesses to count! ---- (Saturday, October 29, 2011) Hooray we have quorum! The Party can officially begin now! As promised here are the list of participants in alphabetical order: Abby dangeROSS Dr.ROBOTUSSIN FashionistState Milkman Queen of Halloween theone and here are the list of costumers (alternate accounts): Alice Féline Noire psychomascot666 The Phantom of DF Thriller Ulysses Barkzombie Unperson CHALLENGE 1 For the first challenge, you must answer these questions and post them in this party thread: 1. What Double Fine character (from any of their games) do you most relate to and why? 2. My favorite subject or class in school was/is _______ because ________ 3. 3 of my favorite movies would include: _______, _______, and ________ (doesn't have to be your top 3, just 3 of your top movies) 4. One of my favorite books would have to be _________ 5. When no one is around I like to __________ Responses ---- CHALLENGE 2 Next challenge! For 3 bonus points, post some of your art! You can choose from the following: 1. A picture of your own idea of a Halloween Creepy Treat (Mine is attached to the bottom of this post. Thinking about it, they probably actually already make these!) or 2. A picture of an original spooky monster or 3. An original short scary story. Try to keep it under 1000 words- I won't be counting, but don't write a book. Everyone who submits an original work that qualifies will get 3 points (1 point = 1 correct guess). This is meant to be fun so please don't spend hours doing this! Responses ---- CHALLENGE 3 In addition to your guesses of who all the above players are. Try to guess which forum member I really am! If you're right that will be worth 2 points! Final Scores ---- (Friday, October 28, 2011) We still need more people to participate in order to make this party happen! I'm going to extend the deadline for this until this Saturday and hopefully more will join. C'mon, everyone! It's fun and you have nothing to lose! Oh, and for people who have to wait for new email accounts to be activated, just shoot me a PM with your normal account and let me know that you're waiting on your new account to be activated. We'll save you a spot! ---- (Tuesday, October 25, 2011) Hi's, everyone! It's almost Halloween time! And you know what that means! Time for costumes and candy! To celebrate, I was thinking about having a.. Double Fine Forum Avatar Costume Party! But then I thought, "Gee that's kinda dumb because you can easily see which person is who by looking at their other posts!" But then I got the awesome idea: "Why not have a costume party using alternate accounts?" That way it would be a real challenge to figure out who's who!" And then I thought, "And why not give out a prize for the person who correctly guesses the most number of costumes?" "Gosh, I'm a genius!" The prize will be the winner's choice of either: Costume Quest on Steam or Psychonauts on Steam or Iron Brigade on Xbox 360 So.. Here's how this Forum Avatar Party will work: Step 1. Create an alternate account on the Double Fine Forum. Step 2. PM me using the alternate account, and tell me what your real account is on the Forum (I will PM this account to double check!) Step 3. Once I've confirmed, post in this thread with your real account that you'll be participating. The Party!! Step 4. Anytime from Friday, Oct 28 to Sunday, Oct 30, post in this thread using your alternate account, of course using your best Halloween picture as your avatar. The pictures do not need to be real pictures of you in costume! You can use any Halloweeny picture that is permissible on this forum that you'd like. There will be a list of questions that each participant will need to answer when they attend (post) which will be a clue as to who you really are! Step 5. I'll be posting a list of all the forum members that will be playing along with another list of all the alternate account names and their costumes (avatar pictures). Your job is to match the forum member with the alternate account. PM me your guesses before Tuesday, Nov 1 (Midnight on Halloween!) and I'll determine who got the most correct guesses! Person with the most correct guesses wins the prize! Just some notes: -Any Double Fine forum member can participate so long as they have posted in the Forums at least once before today, Oct 25, 2011. -Only one entry per person (so no using your other alternate accounts!) -This party will need at least 6 people to play (besides myself), so if we can't get that then- ppblt! Deals off. -I, of course, will not be eligible to win, but you can guess who I am as well. Shhh! Since there are sure to be possible ties there will also be one or two challenges that I'll think of so stay tuned. Hope to see you this Halloween Weekend!!
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