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  1. I will post a short story since I don't have any artistic skills. It's called The True Story. Once upon a time, there was a bunch of teenagers who wanted to rent a scary independent movie for Halloween night. They came across a movie called the Night Stalker. One kid saw a label saying that the movie was inspired by true events. After renting the film and going to a house, the group of teenagers watched the film. One teenager thought the movie was absolutely fictitious, another thought the movie was too cheesy to be true, another thought it was the best film he had ever seen, and the other was too scarred to watch it and had her eyes covered throughout the film. After the credits ended, the power went out. The teenagers panic since that how the movie began. They tried to find flashlights. The teenager who thought the movie was absolutely fictitious went out to a closet to fetch a flashlight. When he found a flashlight, he turned it on, turned a round and screamed in horror. The other three teenagers went out to find out what had happened. They saw the flashlight roll on the floor. The teenager who thought the movie was too cheesy to be true picked up the flashlight in which the three teenagers saw their friend dead in a puddle of blood. They then saw a bloody message that said Believe Me on the wall. They knew that the Night Stalker exists and that the movie is in fact a true story. The teenager who thought the movie was too cheesy to be true turned on her cell phone. Since there was no signal, she gave the flashlight to the teenager who thought the movie was the best film he had ever seen. After giving the flashlight to her friend, the teenager who thought the movie was too cheesy to be true walked into a dark corner to find a signal, but soon she screamed. The friend who thought the movie was the best film he had ever seen flashed the light onto his friend's body. Both victims have died the same way, but this time there was a bloody message on the wall saying You're Ignorance will Kill You. The two remaining friends were determined to leave the house. The teenager who was too scared to watch the movie asked her friend to increase the power of the flashlight, but the light went away for a second which was followed by a scream. The remaining teenager picked up the dimming flashlight and saw her last friend's dead body with a message saying Prepare for Death. The teenager who was too scared to watch the movie knew she had to escape. She made it outside, and found her car. She desperately tried to dig through her purse in order to find her car keys, but something grabbed her. When she turned around she saw the Night Stalker smiling at her with a machete in his hand. The teenager who was too scared to watch the movie closed her eyes tight. She felt the blade on her throat. She knew it was all over, but the Night Stalker took the machete away from her and asked her if she believed in the truth. Still with her eyes closed tight, she frantically answered yes. She didn't believe in the movie because of her ignorance, but instead, she was too afraid to see the actual events unfold she told the Night Stalker. The Night Stalker let her go and warned her of the curse that he places on ignorant fools that don not believe in him. He also told the teenager who was too scared to watch the movie to not tell anyone about what happened to her friends. She accepted the warning. The Night Stalker went into the house and took the three bodies and disappeared into darkness. The teenager who survived all of the events will never forget about the truth. The end or is it?
  2. 1. I relate myself to Reynold from Costume Quest because I tend to argue with people and hate them sometimes, but in the end I tend to show that I love them (not romantically) and I care for them. 2. My favorite class subject is history because it's fascinating to learn about the turn of events that led up to current structure of the world. 3. My three favorite films are Inception, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, and Sherlock Holmes. 4. My favorite book is Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. 5. When no one is around, I tend to be in an imaginative mood and later express my thoughts to people when they are around next time.
  3. These protesters should buy some food from my 99 cents menu. It's a taste that they will die for.
  4. Are you the person that fell into my deep fryer and esc..., uh I mean go to the hospital.
  5. Oh hi there, I'm here to give you my excellent burgers. There's a very special ingredient in there.
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