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  1. 1. What Double Fine character (from any of their games) do you most relate to and why? Ophelia from Brutal Legend. We have a lot in common. 2. My favorite subject or class in school was/is _______ because ________ English because of the stories I got to read. 3. 3 of my favorite movies would include: _______, _______, and ________ (doesn’t have to be your top 3, just 3 of your top movies) Alice in Wonderland Malice in Wonderland The Matrix 4. One of my favorite books would have to be _________ Through the Looking Glass 5. When no one is around I like to __________ Wear silly hats
  2. CHESHIRE CAT! You've gone mangy old friend! The Hatter is calling himself Peter and he's no longer much fun I'm afraid.
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