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  1. This is purely a piece of fun and I wish nothing to happen to everyones favourite Marmite holding man. By a cruel twist of fate, Tim Schafer and his brilliant mind are split in two and sent to an empty Earth. Tim in America, whilst Mit is sent to the Middle East. Both of the Schafers are given forces from their respective sides of good and evil. Schafer: A squad of 5 Psychonauts, including Raz, Sasha, Lili, Ford and Milla. Ironheade, including Eddie Riggs, Ophelia, Lars and Lita and Mangus. The Mobile Trench Brigade, including three Trenchs, the ship and General Frank. The Monster Hunters from Costume Quest: Lucy, Everett, Wren and Reynold. The Blackmore Stack from Stacking Mit: A squad of Lunatics from Psychonauts, including Coach Oleander, Dr Loboto, Linda the Giant fish, Sheegor and Crispin Whytehead. Tainted Coil, Including Doviculus. Monovision, including Vlad. Repugians, including Big Bones and Dorcilla the Witch. The Baron Stack and his Four Generals. Each of the Schafers is in full command of his army and has to defeat the other before he himself is eliminated.
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