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  1. Possible Psychonauts Art Book?

    Okay, I think I have an idea... I'm going to make a thread that's labeled something like Double Fine ArtBook Petition thread or something similar, and then anybody who's interested just leave a reply to it, if we can get enough people to sign the petition, I can then find a way to send a link or URL to the staff, and they can see how many people would like this
  2. Possible Psychonauts Art Book?

    Not to mention that most of the concept art they release with a game, isn't quite as much fun as seeing the really early conceptual work. I like seeing the actual thought processes, not just finished paintings made at the end of the production stage.
  3. Possible Psychonauts Art Book?

    I was thinking that maybe if we had a kind of petition, or a thread that tallied how many people would want this artbook, if we can convince the studio to try to get one published? I really want to see this happen
  4. I'm personally a HUGE fan of this company and all of it's games, and one game that will forever be held dear to me is Psychonauts. Now I know it's a little late for it and all, but am I the only one who's wanting an official conceptual art book for this game? This game truly means a lot to me (I've personally purchased this game four times so far, and willing to buy it yet again) It's actually directly responsible for me getting into the game art/Art industry. Currently I'm majoring in Illustration, and would truly love to see this book come out. So if any of the crew of this fantastic studio see this, could this be possible? I would be forever happy, and grateful to see something like that be published, and would more than likely buy it as soon as it came out. Thank you Double Fine for making my life better, for giving me a future, and believe it or not, for pretty much saving my life.