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  1. uh i don't really write but i decided to write a really short story in proper capitalization <3 though i'm not great at horror <3 So there was this man and woman and they went to stay at this little guest house in the middle of nowhere. The owner acted really weird throughout the whole day, paranoid and shaky about everything. And their room had these dolls in them, really small but with creepy eyes and there were tons of them, painstakingly stacked and stood up against the corners. They went to bed that night, apprehensive of their host’s anxiety, and they had dreams where the dolls came to life. They were then woken up by a strange scratching noise and they walked up to open the door... to discover the guest house’s proprietor had a bloody axe in his still-shaking hands. I’m sure you know what happened next.
  2. no... it's a heart <3 i add it to the end of almost every line. i always have. and i don't remember why. <3
  3. i'll try to answer in character and out <3 i think it's half possible <3 1. What Double Fine character (from any of their games) do you most relate to and why? it changes a lot, but at the moment it's edgar teglee, we are both prisoners of art <3 2. My favorite subject or class in school was/is _______ because ________ english, because i had an interesting teacher. <3 3. 3 of my favorite movies would include: _______, _______, and ________ (doesn’t have to be your top 3, just 3 of your top movies) wayne's world, beetlejuice and tron. <3 4. One of my favorite books would have to be _________ 1984, of course. i only read it recently but it had such an effect on me <3 5. When no one is around I like to __________ make forum graphics. this is an answer for both of us <3
  4. Are you the person that fell into my deep fryer and esc..., uh I mean go to the hospital. um, no, this is just a graphic <3
  5. but i'm not a criminal. i wouldn't bother hiding it if i was <3
  6. no, i disagree... i don't really have that much going on in my life <3 oh hi new guy, welcome to the forums <3
  7. i promise i'm not <3 though i think the riddler's kinda cute too <3 you want to punch me? but why? <3
  8. wait, who do you think i am? <3 i don't commit crimes. that isn't my thing at all. <3 i...wait, do you mean those times i took photography of trees from google image search? i didn't know it was wrong at the time, i promise. i only use that site for finding playbys now <3 i just hope i didn't double post this time. <3
  9. nobody can waht who you are? i'm easily confused <3 i'm not a parody, i promise <3 oh gosh i think i double posted. am i going to get banned? i just wanted to make sure you both knew i posted rather than editing, that contributes less to the conversation <3 no, i didn't. then that's okay <3
  10. that sounds like it would make really good stock <3 do you have pictures? it could really fit a strong, brave, disturbed character <3 but don't worry if you've already uploaded it. it'll turn up in one of my unrestricted stock packs somewhere up the line <3 do you like my wordplay? it's because down seems kind of like a negative sounding word and i'm more optimistic than that <3
  11. @ulysses you could just call me unperson? it's more personal than clay-face <3 but you think i'm clever? thanks, i try my best <3 how do you know? not trying to get at you, i'm just curious <3
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