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  1. *pulls off mask* Ta-da! That's right! It was me (Queen of Halloween) all along :lol: For those of you who guessed me, what gave me away?
  2. Here is my submission for the second challenge. I chose to create an original monster. It is commonly referred to as The Grave Puppeteer, though its true name can not be uttered by mortals. It forms from the amalgamation of decayed corpses at a graveyard. It then feeds off the living by extending its long tentacles through the earth exposing only the tip in the shape of a human- usually a greaving widow. It uses this "puppet" as bait by emitting a wailing, mourning sound that lures unsuspecting onlookers to come closeby. At which point the Grave Puppeteer then promptly pulls the unfortunate victim through the earth to their demise.
  3. 1. What Double Fine character (from any of their games) do you most relate to and why? 
Lucy from Costume Quest because although I'm a bit of a book worm, I also like to indulge my creative side with costumes and art related things. 2. My favorite subject or class in school was/is _______ because ________
 Art because that's the one class I could measure how well I performed, and it was up to my own tastes. 3. 3 of my favorite movies would include: _______, _______, and ________ (doesn’t have to be your top 3, just 3 of your top movies) 
Coraline Lord of the Rings Chicken Run 4. One of my favorite books would have to be _________ 
The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas 5. When no one is around I like to __________ Sing and repeat movie lines in the actor's/actress' voice By the way, can anyone guess who my avatar character is?
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